Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Timing is Everything

Well today is finally the day I stood up and gave Clark the full on "fuck you". It started with him texting and IMing me and it went in between the 'I love you' to the 'You're a whore' kind of range. Yesterday he texted me on and off ALL day. I ignored and ignored. Today I was not as strong and during one of the nice periods of his psychoses, I made the fatal error of responding. I'm weak and I'll admit I fucked up. So in an effort to never fuck up again or to have him look through his phone records in another year and find me again, I changed my number.

I headed to my favorite beach, my place of Zen where I wrote my MSW personal statement and where I asked for a divorce, and I called my carrier and switched my number right then and there. For some reason, that beach really is my power source. It was the MOST liberating thing I've done since asking for a divorce. ;) I immediately texted my Dad my new number because he's not on FB yet and called Gavin with it. I also was thankful to have some very supportive texting with Miranda and Josie, both of them knew why I'd changed my number - thanks guys!!! Surprisingly few people (including Russell) have asked why I changed it. I did mention to Russell a few weeks ago that I thought I should change my number because Chloe's school only has one phone line that can call me (due to it previously being long distance).

Anyway, I was talking to my Dad today and I have not shared with him what's going on with my personal life. I don't talk about it with my parents. They don't ask about my dating life and I don't share it with them. That being said, my Dad has hilarious timing. Something we were discussing made him compare me to my grandfather and this spawned him to go into the quote I wrote a few days ago about pissing someone I hated out. I laughed so hard I had to stop to catch my breath. If only he knew how impeccable his timing was and just how ironic it was that he picked today to bring this up.
I've told you guys about Gavin's timing...it's spot on. I swear when I need that man, he just appears. We talked some today when I was telling him about my number change and then he called me again this afternoon to see what I was doing this evening. He knows that sometimes on Tuesday nights, I'm home alone. Today was one of those days where I happened to be home alone. He asked if he could come over and I said "of course!". He walked in and I had stopped cleaning to shower for his arrival, but he took forever to get here so I started vacuuming while I waited. During this time, he arrived and walked into me vacuuming the house nude. I'm not sure how long he watched me before he spoke, but it startled the crap out of me. I stopped and we came into my room to play around. He'd had a few drinks already and was feeling mighty frisky. Since I was naked, he told me to spread my legs and pull my kitty apart for him to lick. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE when he comes over all aggressive sexually??) I did just what he asked and apparently with such flourish (because I actually threw my legs pretty much behind my head) that it took him aback. The look on his face was priceless. He got straight to it and finally he asked if we could go straight to anal. I agreed and we had some a-m-a-z-i-n-g, just what I needed kind of sex.

Today is his son's birthday, so I thought after we finished he would leave for dinner. Instead, he noted he had some time and asked if we could sit on the porch and hang out. I grabbed some beers and out we went. During this time, all of the neighborhood children flocked over because they adore him and wanted to see him. It was quite funny watching him interact with them. Eventually, he left for his son's dinner. He invited me to come, but since things are not always (by this I mean rarely) smooth with his ex-wife, I told him I didn't think this would be a good plan. He called me a few minutes later and thanked me for the a-m-a-z-i-n-g sex.

In the meantime, Russell came back and I told him about the kids coming over and I was worried this might get back to Chloe. He totally shrugged it off, so I ventured forward. I told him that Gavin and I really are just friends...I mean yes, we fuck a lot, but we're friends. I re-visited that I would like for him to teach Chloe how to surf one day and suggested that at some point they really should meet because it's not like we sit around and make out in front of kids and all. (Gavin actually told me earlier when we were on the phone that he was talking to her in the neighborhood the other day and he thinks she's beautiful and smart, like her mom.) Surprisingly, Russell said "ok".

Gavin called me after dinner to see if I wanted to go hang out at some friends' house and party with him. I declined telling him I have to work tomorrow and go to school, but I'm really over the partying after what happened a few weeks ago. Plus I want to work up here one day in my field, so it's not cool for me to be seen out partying with him in that capacity. He was totally cool about it and I'm looking forward to Russell being gone this week and being able to hang out some more.

Owen emailed me this morning to say his wife changed her work schedule for the next few weeks and would be around a lot, but he's staying overnight somewhere else during the week to lessen his commute and suggested we meet up one night soon. I told him this week is kind of out with Russell being gone, but I'm down for next week! Just for the record, I'm swearing off men under 30 and I'm actually leaning toward an under 40 rule as well.

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  1. I'm glad you did what you had to do to get rid of Clark! He's got some serious issues he needs to work out!