Monday, September 6, 2010

There's Nothing To Help You Get Over the Last One Like the Next 4 or 5...

I’m making a valiant effort to commit to Project Squash Feelings for FJB and I’m on a roll.  Right now looks like I have a minimum of 4 dates lined up and one highly likely booty call – wow haven’t used that phrase in a while LMFAO.  I might be double booking some days.  Here’s the roll call:

Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate has called me a couple times this weekend and highly entertained me.  He makes me laugh so much and he’s such a flirt.  He’s pretty much drama free and busts his ass with like 5 jobs one of which is a personal trainer!  Yikes!  I’ve seen his body and it’s banging but the thought of dating a personal trainer makes me nervous!  We are going out this weekend and I’m looking very forward to it.  It’s been a long time since I was on an interracial date lol!

Twin - After telling me I was too “wide open” for him, Twin has recanted over the last week.  He says he can’t get me out of his mind and really wants to take me out again.  I haven’t totally committed but thanks to the Project, he’s most likely going to get a date this weekend as well.

Boy 1 & Boy 2 - There’s a couple new guys from PoF, not of enough significance yet to get named here.  However, both are very cute and charming.  One I’ve been talking to for a couple weeks, he actually started before the resurfacing of FJB.  He’s coming to one of my work’s concerts (yep it’s time for bartender Miranda again – things are sure to get interesting if they take off like the summer concerts did). The other new guy just asked me out for lunch one day this week.  Thanks to a good old dose of Facebook stalking I realized we know someone in common, not a close friend thankfully but it does make you realize what a small world it is!  I’ll give them names if they prove team worthy LOL!

Flyboy - I’m trying to squeeze in a night with Flyboy this week which I should be able to make happen once the kids go back to Duckie’s.  I think he’s the kick in the ass I need to really push FJB to the back of my mind.

In other random boy news, both Bubba and Motorcycle Man have texted/emailed me in the last hour saying they miss me.  WTF!  Fucking boomerang boys!  Motorcycle Man in particular is apologizing about being such a jackass over the whole STD thing.  I have told them both we can be “Friends.”  The irony of me telling them that when FJB just told me the same thing is too great!

In totally other random news, I had my first dream about my Dad this evening.  Since he died none of the family has had any dreams about him or got what my friend calls “hellos from heaven” from him.  About a month ago, my brother in law had a dream about my dad and then my sister had one.  Well tonight, me and the kids were all dozing in the living room after three full days of swimming and I had one!  In the dream we were sitting in my parent’s living room like totally normal and I was talking to my mom.  My dad started poking me in the back like he always used to do to irritate me and I said something smartass to him which made him poke me harder. Then I “realized” I could see my dad and I turned and looked at him and he was smiling and wearing this hideous pink shirt he used to have and a disgusting pair of khaki shorts he always wore.  He smiled, kind of sadly, at me and I just lay my head down in his lap and wrapped my arms around his legs and held on for dear life.  He started patting my head and I started crying which woke me up from the tears running down my face.  It was awesome to finally “see” him again and I swear I can still feel his hand on the back of my head.

It’s been a hell of a Labor Day weekend…


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  1. Awesome....

    It makes me think of my daughter and the stuff I do that annoys her but I am sure she would miss.