Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jiffy Lube

After some post sex texting last night, I have not heard one word from Clark today. Nothing...nada...zip...zilch. You can say 'I told you so' now if you want. I don't care. Here's my working theory...he did in fact have a date tonight with the slave girl (though several things he said this week made me question the validity of this) and felt guilty and thus no contact. It's just a theory...maybe yesterday was a goodbye fuck for us both...time will tell. Honestly, I think I have these ridiculous feelings for him but I suspect next month really will prove to be out of sight, out of mind for me. Time will reveal all things.

On that note, you guys know the Zen Jules approach to life? I totally feel everything happens and unfolds in a manner that the universe seems fit. Here's my day with Gavin.

9am - He calls to see if I want to go to have breakfast with him. I decline and tell him that I've got to go vote (something he does not do...sigh) and then I have a house full of kids to take to the beach. I tell him that Russell is going out after work tonight and it would be a perfect night for him to come over. He says he has his kid tonight, so he can't.

4:30pm - Calls me to see what I'm doing...we chat and he tells me that his gf (the other one...lol) may be moving to New Zealand with some guy. Can I just tell you what a fucked up relationship they have?! Miranda and I texted about it for a while and neither of us gets it. Anyway, I laughed at him and told him how weird this is and that really he should piss or get off the pot. He laughed and agreed, but said he's just going with the flow and seeing where the universe takes him (i.e. the gf, me, etc). I told him this is totally my philosophy in life, but he really should think about having a teeny bit of control in this at some point. He said he was coming over to the neighbor's house for a beer and asked if I could join him. I said I couldn't because Chloe was playing with her friends and Russell and I have forbidden her to play with this neighbor's kid.

5pm - Gavin calls again, but I'm on the phone.

5:20pm - He calls again and asks if he can come by for just a second because he saw Chloe out playing somewhere. He calls from the front yard across the street totally looking at my house...lol, stalker. I told him no again, but he could come over after 8pm when she's in bed.

6:30pm - I call him to tell him Chloe went to a friend's house for a sleepover. He said he's at a local bar (seriously) waiting for his kid to get dropped off.

6:45pm - He calls back and says that he can come over for about 15 minutes b/c now his kid is getting dropped off at his house.

6:50pm - He walks into my house and drops his pants. I pleasure him some, he pleasures me a lot...I came like 3 times, which will be impressive in a second...I finish him off.

7pm - He's out the door. I put the bed back where it belongs and go brush my teeth.

Despite the drama, the man gets to stay around for this very skill in life. Now for those of you that are not impressed with how quickly it was over, that's not common...we were on a major time crunch and worked hard to make each other as happy as possible in a very short time frame. Clearly, we succeeded with much success in our task. He's now aware Russell will be off island from Wednesday night to Friday night this week...I hope he makes good use of this time.

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