Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Love Story - Barf Bag Not Included

Girlfriend:  I am blown away by your love for me and my love for you. I catch myself being carried away by thoughts of you and your smile that comforts my heart.  I feel so at ease with you and so protected in your arms like no other before. Of course I am scared of the unknown and being hurt, however I am here to tell you I am completely “letting go” with you. You are worth the risk. I don’t expect you to be perfect or without flaws. I just expect your honesty and your love and you will get the same from me. I am not perfect by no means and have many flaws, however something I can promise you is I will love you like no other and give you my all.  I love you!

Duckie: AWWW!!!  Thank you!!  These feelings are completely mutual!  I want you to let go and trust that I will not hurt you!!!  You are a true blessing in my life, and my kids lives too, and want you to travel this road with me.  Where it leads, time will tell, but I can promise you ALL my love and complete, total honesty!!  In these past few weeks you have shown me love I have never felt...true love!!  I haven't felt this way...ever!!!  I thought I knew what love was....I was mistaken!  You show perfect, unconditional, caring, passionate love to me and I am SO grateful for that!!!  I cannot imagine life without you! 

As far as you or me being perfect...by no means are either of us!  Like I tell my kids often..."ONLY ONE HAS EVER WALKED THIS EARTH THAT WAS PERFECT!"

You make me a better person!  I Love you more than words can express!  I want to be with you Always, and Hopefully, FOREVER!! (He goes on to quote 1 Corinthians 13 but I’m afraid to post it in this blog for fear of spontaneous combustion from sin LOL)

I Love You will All my Heart, Mind, and Soul!!!

Various Facebook Posts
Girlfriend:  I am so blessed to have you in my life!!!!!
Duckie:  No we’re Mutual Blessings!

Girlfriend:  Bring it big daddy.....
Duckie:  You know it baby.

(On being “given” roses via Superpoke)
Girlfriend:  Awwwww u awesome.  Nothing like roses!!!! smart man!
Duckie:  only the best for you!
Girlfriend: That's my man-we are a mutual blessing....

Girlfriend: Everyday i need you even more.....
Duckie: I LIKEY!
Girlfriend: Mutual blessing!
Duckie: YES! 

Think this is all true or a figment of my imagination?  Remember, they've only been dating about a month now. Excuse me while I retch and vomit. I like romance as much as the next girl (Gwyn not included) but this is like middle-school do you like me check yes or check no stuff!


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  2. Did I say I didn't want him to be happy? Did I wish him ill will? Did I say either of them didn't deserve happiness? Have you followed this blog at all?

    At least 10 times I've said I want Duckie to be happy and move on with his life. I've also said the Girlfriend is actually a very nice girl. And I've readily admitted my own faults in my marriage. (More than what I can say some of our regular readers do - hint hint.)

    Really Adam, we make fun of people quite regularly here. Am I supposed to give this a pass? How could I possible resist poking fun at this puppy love?

    As I said to the irate commenter in the Emotionally Retarded post, this blog is not about being pretty or sweet or PC. You don't like what you read here, feel free to move on.


  3. I personally throw up in my mouth reading this crap, but I'm a cynic. Amen to not being PC...I'm tired of being nice and PC. (I was never "sweet"...pretty sure no one has ever used that word with regards to my name.)

  4. Other than the use of bible quotes in an email referencing pre-marital sex and marrying someone else when you're still married...my favorite part of this is that he put the part about perfection in all caps.

    It gives me the most hilarious visual of Duckie, standing next to his new love, literally screaming at her that Jesus is the only perfect man to walk this Earth. Made my day yesterday.


  5. I was waiting for the baby talk to start....I agree, I cannot stand crap like this. BUT if it turns their screws then more power to them.

    I can't even jokingly talk that way without losing wood.