Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Told You I Am A Weirdo Magnet

Friday night I invited Undercover to go out with me and my girlfriend from high school and her boyfriend. This particular friend is my crazy one who is currently separated and recently appeared in court due to assault charges filed by her ex-husband (we argue all the time over whether to call him her husband, since he technically is, or her ex-husband). I figured this would be the make or break date for me and Undercover and I wanted to get him out with a group to see if his weirdness level changed any and to get at least one more friend's opinion on him. I chose my crazy friend because she tells it like it is.

We hung out a little while at my friend's apartment and then headed out to a local bar to eat and grab some beers. The night was pretty tame although I did get quite a nice buzz going. We ended the night at about 2am after a few very intense games of Asshole (the drinking card game). Undercover mixed well with the group and my friend told me she could sense his 'weird vibe' but that he was super hot and seemed normal enough. She gave him her seal of approval.

After we left her apartment we went back to my house and smoked a little herbal refreshment then headed upstairs. I was really nervous to let my guard down with him but I had decided before the date even began that unless he totally did something horrible I was going to have sex with him. My thinking was that I needed to go ahead and get that out of the way to see if the chemistry was there or not and to see how comfortable or uncomfortable it would be for me. The sex was good. It wasn't as good as with The Barber but for a first time I was definitely satisfied. We kept it pretty basic but I can tell he's got a freaky side and likes to take charge, which for me is a necessity.

At some point after the deed was done, I noticed Undercover pull a little white pill out from his jean pocket and place it on the dresser. Then he took it. He didn't try to hide it or anything so I asked him what it was. He told me the name (Risperdol) and told me he didn't want to get into it or it would 'open up a can of worms we don't need to open'. I responded by saying that he may not want to open the can but I sure as hell did. He gave me a vague answer and I didn't press it but he did tell me to look up the medicine online. More on this later.

The next morning, I invited him to hang with me at the pool (along with Miranda, my friend and her boyfriend). I told Miranda about the mysterious pill and while Undercover was in the bathroom we googled it on my BB. I almost dropped the phone. Risperdol is used mainly to treat PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA!!! I exited the screen and couldn't read anything past that first sentence. I was totally freaked. Eventually, Miranda calmed me down and I did some more investigating. Apparently, it is an anti-psychotic (gasp and heart palpatation) used also to treat things like bipolar disorder and manic depression and a whole list of other mental health related issues. Now, I self medicate quite often so I'm no one to judge another person for taking a medicine for something other than its intended use but I had to confront Undercover on this issue. Was he taking it for an actual diagnosis? Was he self-medicating an illness that hadn't been diagnosed? How long had he been taking this?

We stayed at the pool most of the afternoon and after the rest of the group left I asked Undercover for more details and told him I had looked the medicine up online. He gave me a couple more vague answers about how he started taking it a year ago........helps him not obsess or dwell on problems.....helps him not be paranoid and make connections between things/issues/events that shouldn't be connected......not sure exactly why it helps him but it must change his brain chemistry.......issues may just be related to what was going on at the time he was prescribed the medicine. His answers didn't seem dishonest but I still felt he was holding back some. But, since this was still only the second week we've hung out, I decided to stop my questions and bring it up another time to get more information. I mean no one is perfect right? And I certainly have skeletons in my closet that I don't feel comfortable talking about with someone I'm just beginning to get to know. That being said, I will get to the bottom of this mystery before any final decisions about Undercover are made.

After the pool we went to my house to watch some tv and hang out - he had already asked if I wanted him to stay again and I told him no I needed my alone time so he would have to leave at a decent hour. He obliged and headed out around 6pm that evening. Overall, I had a good time with him and he acted completely appropriately. But now I'm sure that the 'weird vibe' I get from him (and have gotten since his first email to me) isn't just me being too analytical. He's clearly got something going on and I have got to find out exactly what it is!

Some funny side notes and updates:
*I forgot to report that last week when I had my quickie with The Barber, on his way out of my house he stopped at the fridge and grabbed a can of Miller Lite saying "I need a beer after that sex." Undercover bought those beers for me on Tuesday night.
*The Barber texted me Friday night while out on my date with Undercover and then called me at like 11am Saturday morning, while I was still with Undercover. I excused myself and went and talked to him upstairs in my bathroom. When he asked what I was doing I was honest and said 'getting ready to go to the pool'. He told me to have lots of fun. Lol I almost died.
*Yesterday was The Barber's 30th birthday. We talked briefly, he is still in NY, and plan to get together either tonight or tomorrow depending on when he gets home. He says he has sworn off drinking so I'm sure he's been enjoying himself in NYC. I told Miranda I think that my birthday gift to him really won me some points because it was rare for him to text and call me like that from out of town. Tonight my roommate (who's nickname is Sex on a Stick) is teaching me some stripper dance moves so that I can give The Barber another late bday gift when he gets back in town......hopefully I can manage to keep a straight face.


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  1. Oh my...I joking ask all of the guys I see before I see them if they have any mental health issues and I've had a few answer honestly...then I RUN.