Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tardy for the Party

Sorry I’m tardy for the party (Housewives of Atlanta reference if you don’t understand). I had my date with the new guy last night and it was good. I’m gonna call him Twin because of Jules and Gwyn’s instance that he and I look alike. They freaked me out today telling me that!

So Twin is a 39 year old perfect southern gentleman. He’s got bar none one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Deep, Georgia southern drawl even though he’s actually from NC. So soothing and lovely to listen to. Twin is well established in his career and even according to Gwyn very “mature” sounding via his PoF profile. He has two kids and is in the midst of his, gulp, second divorce. Twin’s first marriage was when he was 25 and ended after just a year. This time he’s been married for 10 years and his wife has been having an affair for the prior two years.

In other words, I have attracted yet another damaged, broken boy. I mean really. For those of you who know me in real life do I give out some kind of uber-nurturing vibe? I so don’t think so!

Anyways, we met on PoF last week and quickly moved into texting and arranged to meet for dinner Sunday night. We met at what is becoming my signature place for first dates (been there now with the Crazy Date Boy, Nerd Boy, Flyboy, and now Twin). He was nervous which was totally cute. Twin has been separated the same amount of time as me but he’s only been out with two other girls where as you all know how much I’ve dated. Damn, I’ve become a hell of a first date girl! Anyways, we arrived at almost exactly the same time and he was cuter in person than in his picture which is always a pleasant surprise. We ate and talked and had a really good time. He definitely has had a number done to him by his soon to be ex wife. Sounds like she’s a real piece of work.

A couple times he got brave and reached out to touch my leg or my arm (I love sitting at the bar because you get to be so much closer to your date) and then he pulled back because he felt like he was being too forward. He’s very much a proper southern boy which is so attractive when combined with that deep southern drawl. Because it was a Sunday night we didn’t go for broke and we wrapped up the date about 10. He walked me to my car and we did the whole awkward standing around thing while we talked a little more. I could so tell he wanted to hug me or kiss me but didn’t know what was “allowed” so I took the initiative and hugged him first. Twin held onto that hug for more than a few minutes too! As I pulled back, I suddenly decided to become chaste Miranda and I only gave him a tiny little pop kiss. Not sure why I felt like I needed to play it that way, maybe I’m turning over a new leaf. Hmmmm…. I definitely like him a lot more than I like Bubba but is it enough? That’s the question that remains.

We’ve emailed some today and texted some tonight. Funny, me, Jules, and Gwyn all rewrote each other’s PoF profiles in a little experiment to see if we attract different men than normal and Twin noticed I had a new one up. When I explained what we had done he commented that one line in mine seemed a little cruel. The line is: “If anyone has used ANY of the following words to describe you, we probably won’t be a good match: sensitive, fragile, wounded, broken, insane, psycho, controlling, whiny, mute, cry baby…….I think that just about covers it.” I laughed and said I wouldn’t call it cruel, rather pretty accurate. After that I think he was even more enamored with me now that he’s seen my “hard” edge LOL!

Twin is a good guy for sure but there are several strikes against him. 1 – this is his second divorce, 2 – the soon to be ex has really fucked him up, 3 – he lives about 1 hour away, and 4 – his real life name is the worst Grandpa name EVER! EVER! I can’t say it without giving a little shutter and to be fair, I’ve had several guys with funky old fashioned first names – Flyboy, FJB, Cabana Boy, and IT just to name a few. But Twin’s real name, I’m willing to bet good money no one has chosen as a first name in at least the last 30 years. And if Gwyn and Jules don’t stop telling me we look like siblings that’s going to be one more big strike against him! Though I did tell Gwyn tonight she should like Twin because he goes to bed as early as she does!

On to tonight, I was texting with Twin and College Crush and Flyboy! Good news about Flyboy, he’s actually moving much closer to me than I previously knew. And he’s just so fucking hot! I mean to find a guy that stimulates me mentally and physically, shew, that just doesn’t happen in the proportions he makes them happen very often. I told Gwyn I was living up to my Gemini because I was simultaneously regular texting with Twin and sexting with Flyboy!

I think Flyboy and I are going to meet up tomorrow night and I can’t freaking wait. There is just something about that man. And he told me tonight that he’s kind of tired of running around with a bunch of different girls. So maybe there’s some sort of hope yet for more than just a hook up but I’m not holding my breath. It’s refreshingly nice though to have one “relationship” where we’re totally and completely honest and blunt about everything we do.

Misc things to note:
  • I officially deleted Lawyer Boy from my phone today to avoid any future drunk texts!
  • Sawyer told me that he saw a girl spend the night with Duckie who was not the girl I thought he was dating. He’s going to do a little investigating for me to find out if it’s that girl or not
  • College Crush is back to calling me baby all the time; clearly he’s blocked out the “break up” email but please note he is not suggesting me hang out. I think he’s leaving that in my ballpark.
  • I’m going to have to blow off Bubba. I know I’m trying to make myself like him and that’s not a good sign. If it’s not happening, you can’t force it. Sad because he’s a good on paper guy. Just not working in real life for me. And he’s totally milking the accident so I’ll feel guilty and keep talking to him. As if! Clearly he doesn’t realize the amount of game I really have.
  • I hung up a ceiling fan on Saturday and had to call Cabana Boy over to verify I did the wiring correct because it looked funky to me. He was so freaking happy it was quite sad really. As soon as he verified my wiring, I immediately showed him to the door, where he suddenly looked quite sad.
  • Saturday night I went out with my hairdresser whom I mentioned in a blog earlier this week and I didn’t give out my number or hook up with anyone! See I’m starting to settle down! 
  • I told Jules just the other day that I feel like I've learned so much about men and about myself in the last six months it's incredible! But I'll save that topic for another post.


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