Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Worlds Colliding - Yet Again!

O-M-G. I just laughed until tears were streaming down my face.

I’ve had three of the funniest things happen in the last 12 hours. First up, after a terrible softball game that included me bruising my hip and being hit in the head by a ball, I was moping and talking to FJB on IM. He told me he was scouring EBay for a wireless router for me to help me pick up my internet signal better and then he actually bought one for me. And he even managed to find one in the same town so it will get here more quickly. It’s not flowers or candy but I think it’s a step in the right direction and perfectly appro for his personality. LOL!

Then even better, this morning I saw a list Duckie had made for himself. Apparently, it is his “to-do” list for tonight and it cracked me up. Verbatim…
  • email NAME on match
  • put weights together
  • wrestle kids
  • cook dinner
  • search match
  • clean/pickup the house
Bless him. There is so much funny about this list and it is par for the course folks. He used to make lists like this all the time. Should I be concerned he has to remind himself to cook dinner and clean the house? How odd to put “wrestle kids” on the list! LMFAO!

Note he mentioned something to do with Match.com twice. Too funny. I do know Duckie told Sawyer that he broke up with the girl he was seeing because she said she loved him. Who knows if that’s true but it looks like he’s back on the market. Sawyer had some less than flattering things to say about how this girl looked too. Ha! I hope that Duckie will find someone new soon because he’s a lot happier when he is seeing someone.

Now the other classic part to this funny morning is just too much. It’s hard to believe it’s real but it is. Notice in the first bullet he mentioned specifically emailing a certain girl on Match (of course I’ve removed her actual username to protect her identity). Well being my naturally nosy and curious self I looked her up. And wait for it….she lives in the same apartment building as me!

Yes, you read that right! When I saw her picture, I literally almost had to lie on the floor to catch my breath from laughing. Of all the freaking people to be interested in he likes her. She and I actually talk quite frequently down at the pool and her daughter and Ladybug play together all the time. I see this woman almost daily and I even know several members of her family from the church I used to attend.

I cannot even imagine his face when he finds out where she lives. How ironic would it be if he ends up sleeping with my neighbor after I was sleeping with Sawyer (his neighbor) all these months! This morning has been too much!



  1. I have a couple items to add to Duckie's "to do list":

    1. turn on living room light
    2. watch tv shows
    3. pour myself a glass of water
    4. go to bed

    Look on the bright side, if he starts dating your neighbor that will make the alimony check exchange easier for you...and way more embarrassing for him!


  2. LMAO - I love it! Classic stuff!!

  3. This could be a script for a really good sitcom.....lol...i will be reading this again when i need a laugh!