Friday, August 13, 2010

So Random!

WTF?  How much more random can this day be.  So I’ve been sick the last few days and riding the pity train big time. Nothing worse than being sick and living alone.  So like I said the sickness and Bubba’s car accident have destroyed my dating plans for the last few days.

I spent the day today lying on the couch throwing off the last vestiges of feeling like crap from this strep throat thing.  As it got later in the day I felt my normal “spending a weekend night in” anxiety that I typically get if I find myself with no plans on a kid free weekend. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to go out all the time. I just like it!  So anyways I was sitting here about 6 feeling a little sorry for myself, and even knowing that I needed to take it easy tonight due to the sickness, wishing I had plans to go out and about. 

First my hairdresser, who incidentally is also in the midst of a divorce, Facebooked me and suggested I go out with her tomorrow night to see her boyfriend’s band play.  I’m totally up for it; she’s very fun to hang around with.  I will admit it might be a bit tough on my ego because she’s totally hot and genuinely the nicest person I know so I’ll have to step up my game. Least I know she already has a man!  Incidentally the bar her man is playing at is right down the road from where Motorcycle Man lives – eek! Let’s hope I don’t run into him if I actually go out with her.

Next up in the randomness is I get messaged from FJB again!  We’ve actually been talking fairly regularly via IM the last week or so.  Weirdly I kind of feel like we’re becoming friends. That or he’s decided he’s over his “trust issues” and wants to give it another shot.  Either way, it is interesting.  He actually mentioned us hanging out this weekend at some point and even brought up a long ago promised dinner that I said I’d cook for him.  I really can’t quite figure out where he’s going with this.  Our conversations are pretty light hearted and often times end up with us sharing dating war stories or details about freaks we’ve met on PoF.  It’s very weird.  And in the spirit of total honesty, I still like him.  He’s probably the guy I’ve dated that most intrigued me and that I liked the most, though it came to a very abrupt end for reasons I’m still not clear on.  Regardless, I’m playing it safe and assuming the friend route until he tells me otherwise.

So then Duckie texted me asking if he could borrow a few Wii games from me.  I said sure and he told me he’d be over in a bit.  About 8 he texted me and said he’d be there in about 15 minutes.  I wondered if he was with his girl LOL.  So he got here about 8:15 and we made a little chit chat and I gave him the games.  He told me to feel better and then left. I immediately ran to the window trying to see where he parked because I was curious if he was with his girl.  Sadly, or conveniently, he parked down far enough from my apartment that I couldn’t see his car! HA!

Not 20 minutes later I was sitting here looking at the blog reading old posts (quite interesting to do and see how far we have come or not come) when who should call….Sawyer!  WTF?  He never calls, ever. It’s been the one constant in our relationship since very early on.  He asked what I was doing and I told him I was hanging out, that I’d been sick so it was a night in.  He said, “I’m turning in to your complex, can I come by for a few minutes?”  I stammered a yes and immediately dashed to the bathroom. I looked like HELL! I mean I’ve been sick for two days so I’m all pasty, I didn’t even take a shower today, and I didn’t have a stitch of make up on. I managed to throw on some mascara, eye liner, and powder in the 30 seconds I had before I heard him knock on the door.  He and the family had been out to dinner right down the road and the wife was riding back with her sister and apparently they were going to stop and do a little shopping.  So he decided to take a big risk and stop by. 

I wasn’t exactly sure what the point of this visit was, I mean we’ve had very little contact lately.  The first thing out of Sawyer’s mouth was, “You don’t look like hell. I’ve never seen you look this natural but you look beautiful to me.”  What a suck up!  Play on player!  So we sat down for a few minutes and just shot the shit.  I told him he was taking a mighty big risk and how Duckie had been here just a few minutes before.  He said he knew he was taking a risk but it had been too long since he’d last seen me. 

Again, I’ll admit in the vein of total honestly I’d sent him a mildly dirty pic earlier in the week just for old times sake.  I can’t help it. I’m so tan I love to show off my tan lines LMFAO! Anyways, next thing I knew he was kissing me and then it was just on.  Damn the kitty is weak!  Plus, I figure I needed someone to break in my IUD with. LOL!

So we had a quick little session that was pretty hot quite honestly.  The balance of power is so off in our relationship now it’s kind of funny.  While we were having sex he kept saying how much he missed me and then the dude actually called my name a few times.  I wasn’t even trying that hard!  It was a good quickie though.  Totally random, but still.

Then we got dressed and I walked him to the door.  He really was taking a big risk so we didn’t really linger.  It was a totally random visit but how funny!  Never fear dear readers, at long last my feelings for Sawyer are totally in the right place – the trash that is.  He’s good for the ego and I enjoy the sex, but that’s all there is.  It’s still a stupid relationship and I know it though.

What a totally random, weird Friday the 13th! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds!



  1. At least I can live vicariuosly through you gals!!! LOL!!! ROCK ON!!!

  2. ...at long last my feelings for Sawyer are totally in the right place – the trash...

    Tsk tsk... FAMOUS last words :-P

    Nah, seems like a really good sign that you can use him a for a little fun and ego stroking without letting it drive you nuts. If only everyone could compartmentalize so well!

  3. LOL Diner! I love a man who calls me on my BS. Let's hope this time those feelings stay where they are supposed to. At any rate, I'm not encouraging anything more with Sawyer!