Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Wake Me If I'm Dreaming...

What to say, what to say. Let’s just start by saying that all my anxiety about last night with FJB was quite unfounded because it pretty much turned out to be the best possible version of what I could have ever imagined.

I ducked out of work a little early so I could make it home to do all the prep for dinner and get myself ready. At one point, I was literally barefoot and cooking in the kitchen. I texted Jules and Gwyn and told them if I had put on my wedding band and stuffed a pillow under my dress to make a baby bump, I’d be living my own 50’s housewife fantasy.

I was really nervous about cooking. I mean I think I’m a good cook but I so wanted him to be impressed. So I whipped up a batch of my special enchiladas and the most delicious Mexican corn (seriously tasty – just corn, cream cheese, butter, jalapenos, and garlic salt – I could have eaten a vat of this stuff) and proceeded to try to get dressed. I say try because I bet I tried on at least 20 different outfits. I was trying to hit the “I like you and am attracted to you but I’m not going to put it all on display” line correctly. Incidentally, I ended up in a denim mini and a cute black shirt that showed enough of the girls without being over the top. Flip-flops, silver hoops, grabbed the food (and a big cup of wine) and I was out the door.

At one point on the drive my heart was literally pounding. WTF? I never get nervous like that. Thankfully, the wine took the edge off my nerves by the time I got there. So FJB’s inner sanctum is full blown grown up. Matching curtains, formal dining room, scrupulously clean – the whole deal. I was quite impressed and at the same time felt like I needed to go home and clean my apartment again before he ever sets foot back in there. I mean I’m a clean and tidy girl but this was impressive – Gwyn – he even has you and your OCD tendencies beat!

So dinner was in the oven and we just hung out and watched jeopardy like grandma and grandpa LOL. I will note that when we first went in his very grown up living room he sat in “his chair” and I sat on the couch and before I could even register that fact and analyze it, he got up and came and sat beside me. Score! HA! Gwyn had told me that in our situation FJB is “Gwyn” in the relationship so she had given me some pointers on signals that meant he we into me and this was one! That Gwyn is a smart girl…

We had dinner, which was mighty good if I do say so myself, and FJB seemed suitably impressed. He claims his version of enchiladas is better but he did say mine were very good. After he cleaned up the dishes, we headed back out to the living room to hang out. Eventually we had his carrot cake, and I have to give a man props, it was delicious, especially the icing – and it was all homemade. About this time I was definitely feeling like he liked me so I remembered that Gwyn said I’d have to be the one to make the first move and kick it up a notch so I readjusted my position so I was laying on the couch with my legs across him. This gave him many opportunities to take the initiative and run with it, which he did.

At some point I got up and when I came back FJB was laying on the couch, so I cozied up for a snuggle. And while his couch is quite lovely and comfy for sitting, it’s not exactly spooning friendly. I can’t really remember how it got started but I know there was a lot of rubbing and cuddling and I turned over at some point so we were face to face. If I remember correctly, he went in for the sucker punch with a kiss on my forehead and then all my defenses were down.

I’m going to keep the rest of the details to myself because, well, just because. This one is different. And I know he’s a private person so I want to respect that as much as I can while balancing that with my blog life. Last time we dated, I told him about the blog and I think maybe that was part of his issue with trusting me but who knows? At some point I’m going to have to ask him what exactly happened last time.

But I can assure you it was everything I could have hoped for and more. Including sleeping all snuggly and an early morning wake up call I’d sure like to repeat. So much more that I even went in and hid the good old PoF profile this morning and have blown off pretty much every other guy who I’ve been talking to.

FJB is the real deal peeps. Aside from my massive physical and mental attraction to him, he’s a “grown up” (well as much as any of us are grown ups), he’s extremely an extremely contentious host, he’s wickedly sarcastic, entirely entertaining, and he still has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen which only ups his appeal even more.

Now I'm walking around like a teenage girl who can't stop smiling.  I sure hope he doesn’t freak out on me again because quite frankly, this time it’s going to really hurt.



  1. This week is bringing some weird stuff, huh?! The full moon is wickedly awesome this go round. I'm so glad you had fun with him. He does sound like a keeper!!

  2. Awww very sweet :) He doesn't sound like a crazy person and that's a plus! LOL

  3. If only I could manage to help MYSELF instead of you I'd be married with 8 kids by now! But, I'm glad my strategy paid off. Be patient with him, give him a chance to feel comfortable and I bet you he will start opening up. If he's anything like me, which it seems he is, it's just going to take him a little longer to warm up to the whole idea of a serious relationship where he has to be completely vulnerable. But from the looks of things I think he could be worth the wait.......