Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Signs, Signs Everywhere!

I'm working on a rather deep post right now but I wanted to share something funny that happened to me last night.

Miranda already told you that we have all re-written our POF profile descriptions for each other. Well, I haven't put my new description up yet but I did decide to unhide my profile page for the first time in about 3-4 months. Blog readers, I did this for you! I felt like I didn't have much interesting going on in my dating life right now and figured POF would at least provide some entertaining stories for our readers! So I unhide my profile and what happens.........NOTHING. Not one message. Not one IM. Nothing at all. I texted Miranda to tell her that my 'sign' must be off (we talk about our 'signs' all the time and clearly Miranda's is on and it's bright neon green) because POF was getting me nowhere. When I first got on the site six months ago, I was getting messages all day long. It was like clockwork. Now I unhide my profile and even added a new picture and not even the freaks of POF are biting! Wtf! Clearly I need to update with Miranda's profile description ASAP!

I, being the spiritual being that I am, decided that this was clearly some sort of sign from the heavens that I shouldn't be getting back into the POF scene - translation: I shouldn't be dating a bunch of guys I should let things work themselves out with The Barber. So, my next big idea was to call The Barber to let him know I was thinking about him and just chit chat. You know from my previous posts that The Barber is not big on constant contact and it's normal for me not to talk with him for a few days. So whenever I call him I never expect him to actually answer - this time was no different. As soon as I hung up the phone, dejected and thinking it wasn't a sign after all, he called me back. We chatted and he told me he was at the gym playing basketball...etc, etc. It was a brief, but nice conversation. Soon as I get off the phone with him I have an email from POF - my first message! Unfortunately that message (and yes it's still the only one I've gotten) was from a Mexican midget, ok he was 5'5 but you get my point.

About an hour later, I got a text from The Barber's psuedo cousin (I shall call him Romeo) asking me what I was doing. We texted for a bit and eventually I decided to call him because he is a lousy texter but really fun on the phone. First thing Romeo says to me when I call, "Hey. I saw The Barber tonight at the courts." Oh, great. Awesome. Freaking fantastic. It gets better. Romeo then proceeds to tell me that he also saw The Ex at the courts. Perfect. Just perfect.

So while I'm at home re-activating my POF profile page to try and get some excitement in my life, my current man was playing basketball with my former booty call and the ill fated love of my life. Now if that isn't a sign I don't know what is. I don't know what this sign is trying to tell me other than to move to a bigger city........



  1. You need to update your profile with what I wrote stat! FYI - I told Gwyn the sign that no one resonding was that she was impatient! HA! I look for signs with everything too. It's so funny how we do that to convince ourselves that what we are thinking/feeling/doing is the right thing.


  2. Perhaps it's a sign to start hitting the bars in low cut blouses?