Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Will Not Be My Baby Daddy!

So crazy Toe Boy of the “I hope you don’t think I’m paying for it all” incident is still up my ass – figuratively, not literally ha-ha. He is not giving up; this fool really thinks he has a shot? Oh, and I got further proof that he’s a spoiled little rich boy – he drives a freaking Honda S2000! I actually asked him if he was such a spoiled little rich boy why he didn’t pay for dinner, his response “It wasn’t the right thing to do.” WTF! Stupid little rich boy. Oh and on top of that, he told me this weekend he thinks we should have a baby together. Yes, a baby! LMFAO!

Now I know you are wondering why I continue to talk to him after his deplorable manners, well he’s just fun to mess with folks. I like to get him all riles up talking about us one day having a threesome just to get him to admit he likes boys. It’s fucked up. I know! But fun!

In other and more exciting man news, I’ve been chatting again with Texas who is so dreamy. Even if we never meet, he’s revived my hopes of there being real, actual gentlemen out there still. And, if this is all an act with him, he’s doing a freaking good job of it.

I am going out with Lawyer boy on Thursday and freaking out about it! We're going to dinner and then to a few bars in the downtown Winston area. We’ve talked on the phone a lot and he is quit an interesting guy, very smart, which is verrrrryyyy hot. He’s into European pop music, which makes me laugh but whatever floats your boat. He told me about this one singer he likes from Germany, Alexander Marcus. If you have a minute, check out this video of his entitled Homo Dance. The song is good but the video is freaking hilarious! Please immediately Google that and check it out. Guaranteed to brighten you day. I can’t wait to give him hell in person about it. I would say of all the guys I’ve talked to, he’s got the most real potential. Texas would be a close second and if we ever actually meet, he could move to the #1 position.

Tonight, well today and tonight I’m going out with a new guy – Motorcycle Man. This is a through and through country boy, excuse me man – he’s 44 lol, who owns a motorcycle! He’s very sweet and cute. He actually had his teenage daughter take a photo of him with her cell phone and then text it to me. So I exchanged a few texts with her, which was actually very funny. We’re having lunch and then going for a ride this evening. I’m very excited about that. He’s a super nice guy but my gut says he’s just going to be for fun, hard to imagine myself dating him. But who knows? When we meet in person, it could be a different story.

Friday night my big plans are to finally go dancing with the girls. I can’t freaking wait! I’ve even suggested that my high school crush, who we came dangerously close to a drunken hook up last weekend, make it a point to be in the vicinity of the club so we can say “hello” in person. That could be dangerous!

I used to love going dancing so much in college and I’ve really missed it all these years. I had opportunities to go when I was married but I was always afraid I’d get drunk and cross the line with some random dude….guess I was right about that one. Ha! Of course, I haven’t ever been drunk with Sawyer so I can’t really use that as an excuse. Unless you can be drunk with LUST! And the one time I was drunk around him, we didn’t even kiss, that was Halloween night, read my very first blog to find out more about that if you haven’t yet.

So all these boys entertaining me so greatly. Still haven’t quite figured out what to do with Sawyer. We’ve talked through email this week like normal but I’m definitely backing off some to make him chase me. He knows I’m dating like a fiend so we’ll see what happens. I am trying my best not to suggest a little rendezvous with him. It’s hard though, he makes me weak. Yall try to help me be strong….


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  1. I like to get him all riles up talking about us one day having a threesome just to get him to admit he likes boys. It’s fucked up. I know!

    Nah, that makes you his kink mentor... you know he's a little queer, and it's important for him to know it too :-D