Monday, March 15, 2010

Jesus, Addiction, and the System

I’ve stepped off the roller coaster ride that is Gavin. I’m proud of myself, don’ t know how long it will last…especially if we move in behind him…but today I remain off it. Since I quit seeing Owen for all of what 12 hours, I’m not feeling so strong in my resolve on this one but I’m taking the addict’s approach…one day at a time. Someone told me one time that I’m a sex addict. I suppose there are FAR worse things that I could be addicted to given my family history, so if its sex and I’m protected than I’m good. Miranda and I were just discussing how much better sex is in our 30s. I swear what “they” say about women hitting our peak now is very true. I mean I’ve always LOVED it, hence the aforementioned sentences, but it’s just so much more intense now.
I have a date tonight with a guy I met on Plenty of Fish. We are meeting for drinks. He was raised in Texas as a Pentecostal. The Texans love themselves some Jesus, but he said he hasn’t been in church since he left…so here’s hoping he doesn’t bust out some religion on my ass. I’m wearing pants to our date and mentioning about my next hair cut appt. just to test the waters. He’s also a Republican and not a fan of our current President. I don’t know that we’re a match made on the internet, but I’m willing to have drinks with him. Here in Hawaii it seems the eligible guys are military or damn near homeless surfers…not exactly ideal dating material, but good for instant gratification. Gavin fell under the latter category. I didn’t previously post this, but I will now for humor’s sake. Last Thursday, I went with him to the Child Support office. (I can feel your eyes rolling…mine would be if someone told me this!) He was “getting out of paying child support” from his ex since he puts so much money into the kid’s dirt bike habit. He was super happy about this since the state has taken his driver’s license for NOT paying child support previously and now that he’s “out of paying it”, he can go get his license back. I actually went and sat in that office with him while he filed the paperwork…seriously. If the restraining orders and psychotic exes weren’t my signs, this certainly should have been! While we were in the office, he showed me all the paperwork with his current financial information on it…let’s just say he’s a day away from a tent.


  1. Hilarious Jules! I'm freaking dying. If you make me pee on my new couch I'm going to come to Hawaii and beat your ass. I'm dying here!

  2. Okay Jules, I didn't think you had a problem until that bit, but now I think you went of the deep end! LOL You definitely need to get away from him! Oh well at least you know now so you can avoid the train wreck of a serious relationship with him! LOL