Friday, March 26, 2010

News Alert - Duckie is still an ASSHOLE

Just had to share this lovely story. So a girl I work with, wonderful sweet kind hearted couldn't ask for a better person to work with girl, she lost her grandmother to a long battle with cancer this past Saturday. They were very close and she's been understandably upset. So the service was Tuesday and then she came back to work yesterday. Right at the end of the day, she got a call saying her father was found dead in his home. Looks like he overdosed, intentional or not remains to be seen. So she's clearly devastated.

I emailed Duckie this morning to see if he could check about Leo going to camp next week since it's spring break and I was going to take the week off to be with him but in light of the work situation, I'll only be taking part of the week. See this email trail. I mean really....

Miranda - I just can't believe it. I can't imagine losing a grandparent and then a parent just a few days later. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not either. I know he'd struggled with drug addiction for quite a while and the last week with her grandmother passing he'd been very out of sorts and not really dealing with everything well.

Duckie - I can imagine actually...to some degree... I lost a Father-in Law one week...and my wife the next.

Miranda - I don't even have words to respond to that. Thanks for checking on the school thing.

Duckie - No problem...You are just oblivious to the things you say to me... Back when you mom's anniversary was you said you really feel for her having to go through that with him....same here--I have to go through our anniversary without my wife. Now you say how awful it is to lose someone one day and then someone else so soon....I couldn't agree more. I feel for her loss's. I know how it feels.

I mean seriously! He's going to make this terrible awful situation about us! OMG! Is it any wonder why I left his dumb ass!!!!!!!!


PS - I think Sawyer told me he loved me this morning but I'll save that for another blog. Grrrrrr


  1. I just wanted to say that my favorite part of this ridiculous email is that he is sorry for her "loss's". Not only is he incapable of empathy but he can't spell. You definitely made the right choice :)

  2. Arrrgh! I HATE incorrect apostrophe usage! Yes, I would have told you to leave him for THAT! LOL

  3. Wow - what an ASS!!!