Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Must Be At Least This Tall to Ride this Ride

So I know I left you with a teaser the other day, let me share the details. Friday morning, Sawyer came over for an early morning visit (4 am – seriously early but hey he goes to work early so…). We actually got some good time together and my sappy self will admit it was really nice to have a warm body to curl up next to in the bed. We did our thing, hung out for a while, talked, etc. He asked if I had any plans for later and I told him the truth, I had a date and hopefully one the next day as well. He did his normal acting like it was awesome I was going out and that it was no big deal. So time came to say goodbye and I did the gentlemanly thing (haha) and walked him to the door. He kissed me goodbye and then said something that distinctly sounded like “Love Ya.” WTF! I didn’t respond, I’m not stupid folks. I just acted like I didn’t hear anything and told him to drive safely. Yeah, not gonna touch that one with a 10 foot pole. And like I don’t know that he was saying that cause he knew I had a date or two in the works. Whatever! I will admit that if that is what he said, and honestly I’ve thought it over and over and there’s nothing else he could have said that would have sounded like that, that it was nice to hear. Still not going to go there…. Oh and again he had his wedding band off LMFAO!

I did have a date for later that day with the potentially gay/Toe Boy I’ve mentioned. We’ve chatted a ridiculous amount and he seems fun (re: light and simple) so I agreed to meet him halfway between my house and his. He lives about 1.5 hours away. Got there and he was on time – score one point. He looked just like his pics – score another point. He hugged me which was nice considering how much we’ve chatted/talked – score one point. And he was a good two inches shorter than promised – MINUS five points! What’s with the guys exaggerating their height? Do they think we won’t notice when we show up???? Seriously!

He’s a nice kid – LOL. I say kid because he’s only 28. So we commenced to eating and he actually started off on an uptick by complimenting my hair and shoes. Remember he has a foot fetish haha. So we chatted a bit and thankfully the waitress brought me my margarita double quick. So then Toe boy went off on this 45 minutes diatribe about how religion is a crock (though he believes in God), politics are corrupt, the system is broken, and how “the man” is always holding people down. Did I mention that this little boy is so obliviously a rich boy it’s ridiculous? He lives in a town that is extremely wealthy, wears these rich boy trendy hip hop clothes, and is in college at age 28 working on his second degree. After his diatribe of which he only asked me 3 questions, I said “so what are you going to do about all this stuff you’re against? Are you going to try to change things or just bitch and moan about it?” LOL he didn’t appreciate that exactly but it did stop his diatribe in its tracks. Now during the dinner he did cop a feel or two on my feet (the table was very small haha) and I have to admit, a good foot rub is never a bad thing!

Then, the check came and did he offer to pay? NOOOOO! He actually said “I hope you don’t think I’m going to pay for it all.” Yeah, pick your jaws up off the floor. He busted that out. Now I’m all about splitting the check when the time is right but that was such an uncool way to suggest that. I told him no I didn’t expect him to pay for it all but he didn’t give me a chance to offer. To that he looked quite sheepish stupid little boy. So we split the bill and then he so graciously offered to walk me to my car. He did take my hand which was sweet but I was still disgruntled by his lack of manners. He went in for the kiss and I figured hell I may as well kiss him, I’d driven that far so I may as well get a little play. He was a good kisser though he has a slightly girly build, thin and slight. So it kind of felt like I was hugging/kissing a girl. So then I headed home, alone, with no intention of ever seeing Toe Boy again. Though he can be my virtual boyfriend because he is entertaining to talk to but I just can’t be bigger and stronger than my man. Just not going to happen! Remind me to never again date anyone under 30!

All that action in one day! Definitely bordering on the trampy line hahahahaha!

Oh and tonight as I cruised PoF, I finally gave in and gave my number to this older guy (re 40) who’s been emailing me a lot. We texted a few times and then he called me. I was so hoping it’d turn into drinks tonight or something but when I answered the phone, he had the gayest voice ever! Maybe I should introduce him to Toe Boy….

In other boy news, I haven’t heard from Lawyer boy or Tex in a few days :( They are ever so much more fun to talk to than all the old/fat/lame/gay/ugly guys. Though Kane is back from his “vacation to go snowboarding for a week in Vail” and he keeps asking me when we're going to hook up. Another rich boy me thinks but this one is at least a little older. Haha!



  1. O-M-G he seriously said "I hope you don't think..." WTF? What an ass! I agree that men under 30 are not worth the time. They are good for one thing, but it isn't dating.

  2. Two things to say about this post. First, Miranda, not that you're not very "lovable" but I think there is a BIG difference between a guy saying "Love ya" on his way out the door and saying "I love you" as he gazes into your eyes in bed. It could just be a habit and I bet it's what he says to his wife as he's leaving their house in the mornings.

    Second, if I were you and a guy said “I hope you don’t think I’m going to pay for it all", I would have stood up, thrown my napkin at him and said, "Well, no, I wasn't planning on it, but NOW you can, you cheap motherfucker!" and walked out. Maybe I'm just old school but I think it's up to the guy to pay - ESPECIALLY on a first date. WTF!?! Seriously, dude?

  3. I agree Adam. In no way do I think Sawyer meant what he was saying. But he has been trying to play with my head especially on days when he knows I have a date. Lol!

    As for the baby I dated, I was pretty shocked buy his crassiness but not surprised after listening to him rant for 45 minutes. And for the record, I do think a guy should pay on the first date but I think the girl should at least offer. Too bad I didn't even get the chance this time! At least it gave me a good story! Ha!

  4. 28 is old enough to know the guy is supposed to pay for dinner. Did he think he was doing YOU a favor by being there? haha

    First time commentor; found your blog linked to some other one I was following and I hope you don't mind picking up a new reader :)

  5. Diner Nighthawk - we LOVE new readers! Enjoy! ;)