Monday, March 15, 2010

OMG Smack Him and Me Please!

Quick Sawyer update. After waiting to hear back about my “throwing down the gauntlet” email, I got up this morning to find this email in my in box.

Sawyer: “How was your date?”

Now, I’m glad it was irking him that I went out but come on! No response to my other email.

Me: “It was fine. Do you have nothing to say about that other email I sent?” Then I forwarded that freaking email again with a little note “In case you ‘cant’ find the email.”

Sawyer: “I read it.” I mean really! Homeboy is about to get a boot in his ass.

Me: “And….”

Sawyer: “I understand where you are coming from, but, I can’t do that. Not right now anyway.”

Me: “I don’t think you understand what I was saying in that email.”

Sawyer: “I understand what you were saying in the email… and its fine if you tell me how you feel, I am just keeping mine inside for a while. And I’m not mad you went out.”

AGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Boys never get it do they? Back to playing the game…


PS - Crazy Date Boy is still blowing up my email. And I have a date with smoking hot Kane penciled in for Wednesday night. So there...


  1. Yeah, some people don't get it. It's not just men, trust me, Miranda. I have run into the same thing with women - I'll send someone a fairly long email containing a couple questions and get back some dumbass reply like "Hi, hope you're having a good day." What the hell is that? I'll tell you what - the sign of someone who's a bit of a dumbass (at least when it comes to reading between lines) and also a person that lacks communication skills.

    Anyway, sorry that Sawyer is being a dumbass about this but, as you yourself have said, the options for the future with him are limited so, definitely a good time to explore other options, ya know?