Monday, March 22, 2010

Interrogations and Character Flaws

Yesterday proved to be a strange one. It started out fine, but the evening was just plain weird. (I need to consult a thesaurus for another word other than weird, but for now I’m sticking with it.)
At dinner Chloe asked us about the new house and the bedroom situation. The house that we are moving into is a 4bdrm house. We are turning 1 bdrm into a walk in closet/storage and the others will be ours respectively. We showed her the house last week and which room would be hers. We didn’t really discuss the other rooms, but I did tell her that the master bedroom would be mine when she asked if it could be hers. I say that our bedroom now is mine though, so I didn’t really put much thought into my verbiage. I guess I should have b/c the kid is onto us. She grilled us on which room would be mine and which one would be Russell’s. She wasn’t upset about it, but just very curious. She said that her mind is spinning with all the changes and the move. (Mine is too!) Russell put her off last night by saying that “We would go over all of this with her when we move.” That seemed to work for last night and she moved onto other questions. Russell suggested last night that we tell Chloe about things while his mother is here this week. I laughed out loud at him. This is the SAME mother that told him she doesn’t “support the gay thing” when he said we were separating and the SAME mother that has yet to call me and even address our separation at ALL. WTF is she going to do for Chloe??? Anyway, we’re going to have to fill her in sooner or later because I woke up this AM to the same line of questioning. She’s established the master bedroom is mine and wants to know if the bedroom off the kitchen is Daddy’s. I gave the party line that Russell did last night, but that just isn’t going to fly for long.
Last night, I had a date with a very interesting man. It didn’t end well though and I won’t be seeing him again. On the way to the date, Gavin called and invited me over for a bbq. I declined and told him I was going out. He started asking about that and I ended up lying. Again in the post, I’ll say…WTF? Why did I lie about it? He (not so casually) said if it was a female friend that we should both come up. I told him that she lives near me and we were just going to hang out at her house. TOTAL LIE. I was going to Waikiki to meet a guy on his boat. Then feeling bad about blowing him off the last 3 times he’s called, I decided maybe I should throw a day out that works for me. I asked him what he was doing tonight (Monday) and he replies “I don’t know yet…kind of playing it by ear.”. I guess he figured two can play this game. I told Damien this weekend that I’m really keeping him at arm’s length until I can figure out where things stand with this ex. I jumped in initially and didn’t think too hard about it and I’ve had my feelings hurt some. I’m far less enamored with him now than I was initially as well. It’s time to back off some and make him work for it IF he decides he wants to hang out with me. He’s very intrigued by my move though as he brought it up last night again.
So the date…I get to Waikiki and get on the boat with this guy. We sit in the harbor looking at the city lights, drinking wine, and talking. He’s a very interesting guy. He’s lived and worked in a lot of places that I love…New Orleans, the Keys, etc. We had a lot in common and a lot to talk about. Then things progressed a little and quite honestly I had fully planned on having sex with him, but when it came time for that he didn’t have any condoms. How freaking irresponsible are you to be 36 years old and NOT have condoms? He said he doesn’t like them, so he doesn’t use them. I promptly got up, got dressed, and left. Plus, I’d previewed the goods at this point and I was unimpressed. He actually texted me on the way home to ask if it was too late for me to pick some up and come back. Seriously???? Let’s go for a 3rd time…WTF???
This is an insanely long posting, I know it…I’m bored at work (again) and quite honestly last night was just so fucked up I needed to vent/blog about it. In other news, I did mention above that my mother-in-law is coming this week. She gets here Wednesday night and leaves the next Monday night, far outstaying the 72 hour rule. I hope there’s enough wine on the island to make her trip bearable, but I doubt it. There should be lots of material for here though.

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  1. Haha! The first time Sawyer and I got that far he didn't have any condoms either and I ripped him a new one for it. He claimed he really didn't believe I'd have given it up that day but whatever. I still tease him about that. Too bad the pilot/boat owner turned out to be so irresponsible. That would have been pretty cool!

    As for Chloe, told ya Leo was on to us long before we fessed up. Just rip the bandaid off and prepare for the fall out. She may surprise you after all. Since yall are still living under the same roof, she may just go with the flow.