Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Want to See me Juggle?

So very little contact with Sawyer today. He works in a “plant” so some days we can’t do the whole email thing. Though he did send me an email this afternoon saying too bad I had a date for Wednesday night because he was planning to come by.

Dude! I totally know he’s playing the “will she cancel her plans for me” game. The pathetic thing is that I want too. Must be strong! Must fight the kitty! Haha!

I’m supposed to see Kane tomorrow night but I may have to bypass him for Sawyer. I’ll feel bad but I think Kane is just looking for a little fun so I don’t think he’ll be devastated if I delay our meeting.

Crazy Date Boy, I had to dump him today. He was just over the top and too intense. A lack of confidence is so unattractive. There is such a thing as being too available you know and he was practically moved in and living with me. Sheesh! Now he’s sending me emails, texts, and IMs like he’s a wounded puppy. Reminds me of a certain young man named Duckie….

Speaking of Duckie, we did the kid hand off on Sunday and it felt relatively good. No big drama, no temper tantrum. We actually had a good conversation. The house still looks like crap but whatever; I don’t have to live there. It is very weird to go back in though and realize that it’s not my house anymore. Very weird indeed. Then yesterday we had to meet up to sign some papers and all seemed good and fine. And today we had to meet up to sign some more papers (all for selling the house) and he was all hangdog and mopey. Whatever! Awful to say but so glad that’s not my problem anymore!

Texas, my latest PoF guy is tickling my fancy. He seems legit. Extremely nice, we spent about 4 or so hours talking via chat yesterday (until 1:45 in the morning and did I pay for that today!!!) and much more today – homeboy hasn’t crossed the line one time and said anything inappropriate or dirty. LOL He seems too good to be true. Something must be lurking beneath the surface. I’m afraid he may be a little too earnest and clean cut for me. Last night one of his questions was “what is your most vivid childhood memory?” I told him about a time I got lost as a kid. This was his story. I should add he has a very peculiar cadence to the way he types. The … represent little pauses between his chatting.

“When I was 5 or 6….I was outside in my yard with my sister and brother….a tiny deer walked out of the woods…. My dog started barking but the deer didn’t flinch. Then another deer came out of the woods…They weren’t afraid at all…..The tiny deer ran over to the bigger one and they walked off in the forest together…It was so beautiful…. I knew at that moment I could never be a hunter…”

I know you are dying laughing. I was! Just a weird thing to share/tell. Still he’s a great conversationalist and I’m not giving up on the last man on earth who actually read books. Did I mention that he’s smoking hot? Haha!

Some other guy chatted me up today too via that site. Asked for a pic of my toes. Guess he has a fetish. Hilarious! If nothing else I spent the day laughing out loud!


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