Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girly Squeal!

So crazy how in a short few weeks my life is all about boys, boys, boys. Plenty of Fish proves to be fruitful mating grounds. I’ve connected with several different guys off there who have some great potential and even a couple who cause to me do a “girly squeal” after talking to them. Here’s my man rundown for this week….

Sawyer – What to do, what to do. We’re still talking, though not as much as before. I think my attention is so swayed to corresponding with all these new boys that I don’t have as much time for him. However, being with him it comfortable, safe even. I’m not trying to prove anything with him anymore at least. It’s weird how my illicit affair has turned into my comfort zone! On some weird level, I actually feel more guilty about the affair now that I’m single than I did before. It’s hard to explain. It’s like before, the illusion of us one day being “together” was just that, an illusion. So the guilt could be squashed in some way. Now that one of us is free and clear for all intents and purposes, it feels like I’ve infiltrated his marriage somehow and made what was already precarious, that much more shaky. A good friend said I should just cut him off entirely and see how he reacts. And while I’d like to force him to ‘fess up as to his feelings, I don’t want to push him somewhere he doesn’t want to be. And though he frustrates me sometimes greatly, I'm not ready to let go of him yet. I was thinking the other day though that if his wife ever found out…….I’d be in a big ole heap of trouble. May just have to pack up and run to Hawaii to live with Jules for a good long while.

Texas – He’s such a sweetie. I mean really, really sweet. Maybe too sweet. We were supposed to have lunch this week but we had to reschedule it because he had a job interview back in Texas. When he gets back, we’re going to meet up. Here’s a little sample of a chat session we had where he admitted he likes me. As a good friend here said, “If she didn’t know better, she’d think it was two high schoolers in love.”

bc: i'm just normal people miranda
miranda: no, i don't think you are "normal" ;)
bc: i'm not sure i'm going to be staying in nc
bc: i've been wanting to ask you if you'd like to meet
miranda: i'd love to meet you in person, and it's ok if you're not sure that you're staying in nc
bc: the conversation has been fun and light and i was just trying to keep it that way
bc: i didn't want to feel like i was playing games with you
miranda: so are we going to start playing games now? lol
bc: i guess it's just an expectations thing
miranda: what do you mean?
bc: like...i think i'd really like you ...i do already
miranda: so now we need to see if I live up to your expectations? is that what you are saying?
bc: no...i think you're pretty awesome
miranda: thx, i think you're pretty awesome too
bc: there it is....i doubt i'd live up to your expectations...i'm just a regular guy
miranda: whatever. i'm just a regular girl too

Yes, he is one of the ones who makes me “girly squeal.” I really hope I get to meet him soon.

There’s also a new fish on the horizon – this one known as Lawyer Boy. That’s right ladies; I’ve landed me a big old lawyer fish. Well, to be technical he’s waiting to find out if he passed the bar but still… He’s hilarious, great looking, and has a banging vocabulary. Some of his emails entertain me so greatly they make my toes curl. We’ve exchanged some witty banter via email and talked on the phone several times now. He is divorced and has a kid so he understands a lot of my life and he’s offered me some free legal advice on divorce LOL! He can hold actual real grown up conversations and still throw out the pop cultural references like a champ, which fits right in with my personality. He definitely makes me “girly squeal!”

Crazy Date Boy has “broken up” with me I think 5 times this week and told me he didn’t want to be one of 2-4 guys I was dating. I said ok, and then he promptly broke up with me again. I’ve started calling my friend at work to see his live breaking ups over chat. It’s quite hysterical at this point. Poor guy. He never knew what hit him did he? He actually had the gall to ask me why I kissed him on our date because he wouldn’t just kiss anyone unless he really, really liked them. I told him at that point I did like him and that I like kissing so why wouldn’t I have kissed him. He did not like that answer. He also has repeatedly told me “I’m not showing any effort to get to know him because I never call him.” But he never calls me either. When I say that to him, he has no response. I think hehas to be renamed Duckie Jr. And homie don’t play that!

I have a date scheduled for tomorrow night for this guy I’ve been talking with over the last 2 weeks. This is the guy I’ve talked about before - Toe Boy - that I’m pretty sure is gay though he’s in denial. I really want him to be my gay BFF though so I decided I’d go out with him and see what the deal is. We have great chat conversations and he’s fun to play with. We shall see how that pans out. That being said, if Lawyer boy called me up and invited me out, I’d drop my potentially gay BFF in a hot second.

Elsewhere in Manville, I’m still flirting/talking with the high school and college crush. Just haven’t gone there yet, though they give me great pleasure.

One night this week, I was simultaneous holding two conversations via chat and three via text. Hilarious! My life makes me laugh so hard!



  1. A quick comment about "Tex". I could be TOTALLY off base here but from my experience - and admittedly, I'm not "dating", per se - when someone that you are really into suddenly seems to back off (the "might not be staying here" comment and the "I doubt I'd live up to your expectations" remarks), that's a red flag.

    It'd be different, I think if he was saying that stuff after you'd met him but his canceling/rescheduling lunch plans and then saying that stuff is a bit odd to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he's not exactly who he claims to be so just be prepared for that. Hate to burst your bubble, but that "awww, shucks, you probably won't like me" talk is not a good sign.

  2. Thanks Adam. He actually said all that stuff before we ever planned to meet. That was the first time we'd ever done more than talk just as friends. And we've solely had friendly chat, he's actually been a gentleman.

    I don't really care if he is exactly who he says. He's hot lol!

  3. It may be a bad sign... insecurity is not usually a good thing in a man- you'll end up exactly where you just ran screaming from. However, I must say that my man still says I'm too good for him and he's terrible with women... Which is partially true because he is a bit of a bumbling english gentleman, but in a lovely Hugh Grant way. But also he's crazy cause he's smoking hot, super smart and amuses me to no end, and way too good for me, the American divorcé. So sometimes you end up with a needy insecure wimp and sometimes you end up with a catch who doesn't know it. Run from the first and consider hanging on to the second, you'll just have to figure out which he is.