Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Raining Men

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, something crazy is going on. Not only do I have people trying to fix me up left and right, but I swear everywhere I go there are hot guys and guys trying to chat me up! Just last night I was talking on the phone with one guy, emailing with another, and simultaneously holding 3 different chat conversations. All legit too! Ridiculous!

I still have not heard back from Sawyer in regards to my “laying down the law” email. I did see him today, it was Leo’s birthday party and Sawyer brought his kids and wife – eek! Ha, seriously, I sidled up to him and asked if he was ignoring me. After giving me one of his hot trademark winks, he said quite eloquently, “Huh?” Apparently he’s been in training the last two days at work and couldn’t get on his work email. Doesn’t exactly explain why he didn’t check his personal email but whatever. I believe he hasn’t read the email, he’s smooth but I don’t think he could play that off exactly.

So the party was fine all in all. Entertaining as usual as Sawyer’s kids are climbing all over me and telling me how much they miss me. Wife was as friendly as she always is (if you’re new to the story – she really likes me). We behaved completely for the most part. I did hit him with a zinger, I told him I had a date tonight, which I did. Should have seen the look on his face. Eyes bulged out, jaw dropped. He stumbled over himself asking who, what, when… I simply told him it was with a guy who I knew and left it at that. He so didn’t like the idea. I kind of ate it up I must admit. We’ll see how fast he ran home and read his email or how fast he’s over here tomorrow to discuss the date.

In other men news, I’ve rekindled a friendship with two different guys who I had crushes on during my earlier years. One is a smoking hot guy I’ve known since I was a kid - High School Crush. We’ve been chatting it up big time via text and Facebook. The other is a guy I had a major crush on in college - aka College Crush. We’ve been chatting via Facebook for a while. I like him a lot but I am afraid he’s a heifer. Ha ha. I say that because he doesn’t have a profile pic on Facebook. That’s always a cause for concern. But he’s really nice and I really enjoy talking to him.

In random Craig’s List news, I pretty much told all the guys I was playing with through email that I wasn’t up for hooking up. Just not sure that I want to be involved with ANYONE who is married these days. I mean its one thing to have the relationship I have/had with Sawyer, it’s a whole nother thing to bring that into someone else’s home. That being said, the one guy from Craig’s List who was not in a relationship randomly emailed me yesterday afternoon. Kane wanted real conservation – not just dirty chat haha. We planned to hook up via instant messenger and spent 3 hours last night talking. Real conversation folks! Legit! Questions and answers, the whole thing. The chemistry via chat was smoking and we exchanged pics. He’s a cutie. Right now Kane knows I’m not rushing to meet in person so I think we’re just going to keep the email/chat thing going on but he may be legit enough to meet somewhere for drinks.

On to my date. Thanks to the Plenty of Fish website, I’ve made some new email buddies that way. This one guy, Crazy Date Boy, hit me up via chat yesterday and we had some good talk. He bravely asked me out for tonight and after agonizing and freaking out for a while, I agreed. He seemed really nice and normal which is saying a lot these days. We chatted yesterday quite a bit and did a little texting. Then he called last night and sent some text early today. See a pattern yet? I think this dude’s looking for a real girlfriend which I am so not ready for at this point. I met him for dinner tonight at an upscale sports bar in a nearby town, not stupid enough to date in the same town Duckie lives in haha. I got there and saw this random freaky dude outside and totally knew it was him. Much to my surprise and enjoyment, it wasn’t. He was exactly like he described himself and looked just like his picture. We spent three hours hanging out and eating and had a really great time. I was much impressed for a first date. There was even some hot chemistry going on with lots of great eye contact. Now according to the website he said he was 5’8, let me tell you what, homebody padded that number. He’s just barely my height, maybe even a wee bit shorter. I know it’s superficial but for all his positives, I just can’t see myself dating a midget long term.

I did have a lot of fun with Crazy Date Boy and he is really nice and funny. We walked out to our cars and I invited him to sit in mine for a few so we could say goodbye. It was raining so standing outside, hell standing period, was not an option. What if I had to bend down to kiss him????? Just couldn’t risk that. We chatted for a few more minutes in the car and then I decided to let me kiss him. We had a few good minutes like that and though he wanted more, I just wasn’t going to go there with him. He’s already texted me once and called me twice. This is what I see happening. I let him know that though I like him, I’m not ready for anything serious and I want to enjoy the single life some. He falls for me, sounds conceited I know but that is what I think will happen, and eventually gets his heart broken cause he’s going to want me to be his girl and I’m not ready for that.

Plus, if I’m honest, he’s just not Sawyer. I know, I know, I hear you groaning right now. It’s just hard to compare anyone to Sawyer. Though he is being a puss lately, he’s still a smoking hot man and we do have a connection that is deeper than just the blazing sex. Its stupid I know. It's just hard to keep it in check sometimes. And the date felt stupidly like cheating on Sawyer. Stupid stupid stupid. To be fair, I was totally upfront with Crazy Date Boy. Trying to keep the lying to a minimum these days. I guess I just have to wait and see what the future holds. That being said, it is my full intention to date and date frequently, hopefully multiple people. Jules is the man juggler and I’m fast becoming her understudy.

On the Duckie front, I’ll try to do a more specific update on him later but basically he’s an ass, then he’s an ass again, then one more time he’s an ass… I did have dinner with him and it was awkward and stupid. The old house looks like shit and clearly is missing a women’s touch. And though I am having fun and enjoying the ‘single” life immensely, I miss my kids so much it’s hard to breathe.

Keeping my balls in the air until next time…. Miranda

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  1. Oh honey, I hear you about missing the kids. I can't imagine how hard it's going to be when Russell and I actually do split houses...I seriously can't even think about not seeing Chloe every day of her life. Well, I can...I dream of it some days...but not really.
    Anyway, I'm so glad you had fun on your date! Ben sounds like a nice guy, but I get the height thing. I'm 5'4" and if a guy is even close to my height, it sketches me out. I like big, tall men but I have noticed laying down it doesn't matter. ;) Love the term man juggler...sounds soooo much better than whore! LOL!