Friday, March 26, 2010

What Crazy Looks Like On An Ordinary Day

I'm totally ripping off this title from an awesome book. You should go NOW and read it, if you haven't already. Anyway, crazy came my way today and I've decided FWB ain't worth it.
Gavin called me at 8am. I ignored his call as I had just rolled out of bed and I don't believe in talking to people before caffeine has hit my body. I can't be trusted with the words that leave my mouth before then. He called again at 9:15am...I was working out with Damien and let it go to VM. He called again at 11:30am. I had just taken a bong hit (yes, it's part of the workout plan on non-Chloe days) and was choking on smoke but thought it would be hilarious if Damien answered my phone. He did and Gavin fumbled hard core. I felt sort of bad for fucking with him, but I rec'd an email from Damien yesterday telling me to RUN the opposite direction of this situation before I get hurt and/or involved in more than I had intended to with the ex still being around.
I called him back after my run today and told him I was finished working out with Damien and that we were hitting the beach. I invited him to join us, knowing full well that he would decline since he really just wants the benefits portion of FWBs. To my surprise, he said he was coming...only he thought I had gone home to lay out alone and didn't understand that I was laying out with Damien. He called me after he drove the 30-45 minutes to my house, kind of pissed about my whereabouts. I told him I was on the beach at Damien's and suggested he turn around and drive the 20 minutes back up to where we were, he declined. I apologized for his drive out of the way, but what else was there to say? I was high and quite frankly I just wanted to chill on the beach, something I did for another 2 1/2 hours after this call.
Once Russell and his mother had gathered Chloe from school, they came up to the area I was in and we tried to go to another beach. It had started raining, so we decided to take my mother-in-law to see the new house. We pulled in and Gavin was out watering his lawn and stopped to stare at us (again) as we drove up, something that I must admit is a little unnerving to both Russell and I. Then, Russell noticed his ex on the back porch. He asked me who the blond chick was staring holes into me. I hadn't noticed her, but realized quick, fast, and in a hurry who it was. I decided at that moment that crazy obviously knows about me and I do not want crazy coming and knocking on my door.


  1. Wow, yeah, that's definitely not worth it! How is a bong hit part of a work out plan? Wouldn't it make you want to eat more? LOL

  2. Run girl. Run from Gavin. Sounds like a whole heap of crazy right on your front porch.

    Of course, who am I to talk? Ha!

  3. HAHA - yes "short girl" it's part of my plan. IDK why, but I do enjoy it. It actually does not give me the munchies, but rather mellows me completely out...not something I experience much. ;)I agree guys - I'm done with crazy. That's just too close for comfort...period.