Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heel Boy Heel!

Just a quick update. Crazy Date Boy is hot for me and more than a little over the top. I think he's texted me 5-6 times and called me twice today. Sheesh! Bless him. He's just really sweet but I'm like hello, I've been single for one week dude, I'm not ready to be your giant girlfriend yet (remember he's a shorty).

I even told him the full story yesterday including details about my relationship with Sawyer. Just wanted to see if it was a dealbreaker with him. Clearly it's not. Very interesting...

He wants to go ahead and plan a date for next Friday. I've given him the whole "maybe but I may already have plans. just waiting for confirmation on those plans" excuse. I would like to go out with him again but he needs a big old dose of reality.

I did tell him via text that my life is complicated right now and I'm not rushing into things. He needs to know a little confidence goes a long way. Of course who am I to bitch about a little attention. I can hardly get Sawyer to email me back! Haha! Seriously, I'm sure he'll respond to the email finally tomorrow. I can't wait to see if/what he wants to know about my date.

Reader poll. Should I tell him the truth or let him think I'm really digging someone else?



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  2. Should you tell Sawyer the truth about your date? NO WAY! Let him think you're into someone else. Of course that being said, I told Gavin kind of the same thing Thursday and I haven't heard from him since...so maybe I shouldn't weigh in...lol.