Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FWB That I'll Keep

I saw Owen today...OMG he has ruined me for other men. I mean ruined. I worked out this AM and was a little leary about him coming over for fear I would be tired or sore. The endorphins must have still been up b/c holy mother of god he brought his "A" game. How in the crap am I ever going to find someone that measures up to this performance level?? For those of you that wonder if I have feelings for him and/or wonder/hope he will leave his wife one day, rest assured. I could never, ever "date" him or live with him b/c it would totally ruin this level of sex. We don't have bf/gf sex. We have super hot, 'I don't know your mother', 'I don't have to pick up your socks', 'I don't have to talk to you about the bills, house, kids, etc.' kind of sex. No...I never, ever want him to leave his wife/kids...ever.
No word from Gavin since last Thursday...pretty happy about that. Owen said today "I hope I don't know any of your new neighbors." I wimped out and said "Me too...". I should have said "Hey Gavin X lives right in front of me." but I didn't want to have to answer questions about how I know Gavin or induce paranoia in Owen, so I let is slide. (Of course by this I mean, I wimped out.) I have come up with a viable solution though...he can park on the rd, walk in between the back houses, and come in the kitchen door. Problem solved (I hope).

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