Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty I'm free at last (sort of)!

It’s official. We signed our final legal separation papers today. No more changing the agreement. No more backing me up against a wall. No more Ms. Nice Guy for me if I don’t want to. Thank heavens!

Feeling like Duckie had everything hanging over my head has sucked and made me feel entirely helpless – a state I do NOT enjoy. We actually rode over to the attorney’s office today together. Kind of weird thing to do but whatever. He suggested it. When we left the office, the attorney said “nice seeing you both again.” Not sure that was quite appropriate for the situation but it made me laugh.

Tomorrow is the first change over day with the kids. I’m more than a little anxious about that. It is going to feel weird to be away from them for more than a couple of nights but I guess I better get used to it. This anxiety and worry probably led me to do the next crazy thing I’m going to tell you.

Following Jules’ advice, I put a very brief and actually somewhat boring listing on Craig’s List and the response is ridiculous. Of course lots of losers but a few interesting people, at least to chat with via email. What’s most shocking is that almost completely, ever single one of them is married or in a relationship. Doesn’t anyone stay faithful these days?

Don’t know that I’d ever meet any of them in person and I sure am not giving out any identifying details but it is an interesting experiment. At least it’s keeping my in box full.

It's hard to think that anyone could measure up to Sawyer but who knows...


  1. I know the feeling - it's hard to beat Owen in bed...jesus! I love CL...but yes most of them are married and it certainly does beg the question about people staying faithful...my verdict is no.

  2. I have a bit of a different take on the faithful thing and married guys and CL. I don't doubt that most of the men on CL are married or in a relationship. But, I'm not sure that necessarily means that no one remains faithful any more. Think about it - married guys can't exactly hang out in a bar and hit on random women. Well...they could (and perhaps do if they are not in their hometown) but for the most part, the relative anonymity of a place like CL provides somewhat of a "safe" place for a married guy to look around.

  3. Adam, Adam, Adam...honey...ALMOST all of the married men (including my Dad) I know have or are cheating. NOW mind you, most of the married men I know are men I met on the aforementioned site, but I'm just saying...