Thursday, March 18, 2010

Power Struggles

Since I told Russell that I want a divorce, he's decided to start asserting himself. I'm proud of him on some levels, because he hasn't done this in over a decade BUT on other levels it's annoying the piss out of me. For example, he often disagrees with me just for the sake of disagreeing and then comes around to agree with me after several hours of trying to stand his ground. This happens a lot! I have a 6 yr old daughter...do I really need someone else living with me that does the exact same thing to me ALL the time?! OMG, pass the wine.
Last week it was over which house to rent. He wanted a smaller, cheaper house that was just impractical based on the fact that 3 people will be living in this place. Obviously, I won this one almost immediately when I pointed out that he was just disagreeing with what I wanted simply for the sake of it, to which he admitted was correct.
Today's argument (that of course resulted in my way) was about furniture for the new place. He thinks we need to just buy some sleeping bags (ok futons) and live within our means. Ok, I exaggerate slightly. Ummmm, hello...MF you make an assload of money and I'm buying some GD grown up furniture. He actually said the following to me "This is temporary and I don't know what kind of place or who I'm going to live with in the future and I don't want to buy a lot of furniture that I can't use later." If I could have reached through that phone...
I replied with "Well maybe you could leave Chloe and I some furniture...you know, if it doesn't fit into your new life." Rest assured that the immense sarcasm that dripped from my fingers was in fact conveyed in that message. Seriously I just wanted to leave work, find him, and beat his ass. I reminded him that temporary is now actually 3 years. We worked it out and apparently I have "permission" to go look at a fucking used couch on CL. God grant me the strength...I did lay down the law that I'm spending $X to decorate the new place. These are essentials and I will NOT justify every penny I spend...which is kind of ballsy of me since I'm not making the money, but that's just how I roll. ;) Deep breath...Big Sips!

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  1. As you well know, Duckie did the same GD thing. After all the shit was out on the table, he suddenly decided he did have some (tiny) balls. Don't they realize it's too little to late? Fuckers!

    Maybe they should have given a shit all these years before and we'd never have ended up here. Sheesh! I have some latent hostility!