Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy Crazy

Boys are so much fun. Before I forget again, I meant to mention that I realized that Sawyer took off him wedding band the other day before he came to see me. I called him out on it and he just gave me this sheepish grin. Too funny. It feels good to have my feelings for him firmly back in control, well for this week anyways haha!

So I really feel like I’ve hit the ground running boy wise. I swear some days it’s hard to get much done for all the chatting, talking, and texting I’m doing lol! Crazy Date Boy is still slinking around like a beaten puppy, trying to talk to me via chat and the occasional text. I’m being nice but I sure hope he isn’t holding his breath!

Toe Boy/potential gay best friend is still hitting me up. He’s fun but I’m not ever going to go there. Kane’s out of town so not much new there. But for Texas, the lovely Texas of the hilarious deer story. We have new developments.

So we’ve been chatting like crazy via the web, mostly late into the night. And he’s legit yall. Like total we’ve probably spent 10 hours chatting this week and he’s not made one inappropriate remark, asked for a dirty pic or any pic really other than what’s on my profile, or even tiptoed into any grey area. I’ve been so impressed with him. He remembers all sorts of details about things I’ve said, asks great questions about my work and he seems to really listen to everything. Last night he finally popped the question – no not that question lol – he asked me if I’d like to meet him in real life. I totally agreed and we’re going to have a very appropriate lunch date next Thursday.

He lives about 1.5 hours away and he’s coming all the way here to see me. I feel special. He’s really cute and I am definitely feeling smitten. We finally exchanged numbers last night too and we talked briefly on the phone today. Let me tell you what I was quite delighted to talk to him. I knew he was originally from Texas and he told me that some people say he has quite a Texas drawl, but he didn’t really think so. As soon as I heard his voice, I had the laugh. The man had the deepest voice and the thickest Texas drawl. So cute, so freaking hot! He is quite a delight and I’m even more excited to meet him next week now. I am a smitten kitten! HAHA! He’s definitely dating material for sure.

Otherwise, I’m still chatting it up with my two crushes from the past but not sure when I’m going to see either one in real life. The high school may be tonight but we shall see.

Plus on top of all the fun man news, I get my kids tomorrow for 5 days! Can’t wait! I think having this time apart from them makes me appreciate them even more and I can’t wait to see those crazy kids!


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