Monday, March 22, 2010


So I have a sinking suspicion my relationship with Sawyer is winding down. Aside from the recent emotional drama, I get the feeling he’s pulling back. Obviously not being next-door neighbors has limited our “PG” contact but we’re still doing the email thing.

Just feels that our relationship has reached a different level. Maybe it’s because I’m actually interested in other guys and spending time flirting/playing/going out. Maybe my eyes are just finally open and instead of focusing on him all the time, my loyalties are definitely divided.

The weird thing is that I feel like I just finally got my feet back on the ground with him emotionally. I don’t know. I can’t quite decide how I feel if things are coming to an end either. I asked him about the taking the ring off thing and he said it just makes him feel better to be with me without that on his hand. Ok, sure, whatever you say. I also asked him if everything was “ok” between us and he said absolutely. Maybe it’s just weird that I’m thinking about/seeing other guys while I’m still involved with him.

It’s an interesting time to be me for sure!

In tall, dark handsome drink of Texas news, we continue to chat voraciously (how you like them apples?!?) each day. The big date is Thursday and I’m as nervous as a schoolgirl. This is a “real” date with a “real” man – AKA someone who is all grown up and seemingly well adjusted. Feels crazy weird! I’m nervous that we have this banging online chemistry and then we’ll meet face to face and have nothing to say. I mean we’ve chatted online for hours and hours – covered all the first, second, and third date conversations at this point. Not that I couldn’t just sit there and stare at his fine self-but still. We have only talked on the phone once at this point. I may just have to get my gumption up and call him again to break the ice so to speak and to hear that lovely deep Texas drawl. Have I mentioned how hot that is???

There’s a new guy on the horizon too. Another guy from PoF, a lawyer nonetheless. We’ve just started emailing but he’s cool and seems pretty laid back. I may try to have a drink with him after work one day soon.

Tell me, if you have experience in this whole internet-dating thing, how do you make the transition between online/real life easier? Any tips or suggestions?


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