Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Man Up

I talked myself into telling Chloe about the divorce today at work. I even talked Russell into it as well. We were set to come home and break the news, which we both suspect she may already have some idea of. Then, we wimped out. Immediately, I started feeling horrible about having to tell her this news. While I am so happy about it, I feel like my happiness is going to flip her entire world upside down. Yes, I know that the happier we are...the better parents we will be, but damn the maternal guilt. Sometimes this really does feel like an insanely selfish plan...I'm not regretting my decision, I'm just saying.
Russell apparently had the day from hell and Chloe had an awesome day today. She got promoted another grade level in Reading groups and Russell thought this would not be the best day to tell her. He said we shouldn't ruin her success with our news. I think this was an excuse, but timing is everything and our timing wasn't on it tonight. We may do it tomorrow or we may just stick with the original plan of waiting until we move. I still hold firm that we shouldn't do it while the mother-in-law is here b/c she's of little use, bless her heart.

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