Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Got Played and I Liked It

I got played I admit it. Sawyer suckered me right in but I knew I was getting played so does that really count? I think not and this is my post so I rule! LOL!

Seriously though, Sawyer squirmed his way over here after my date got rescheduled with Kane. He had something to prove and he did let me tell you what. I may have to keep him jealous for a while. I feel like I have my feet back on the ground with him emotionally which is good. I think all the other boy attention just has my head spinning and makes me remember that there’s a whole wide world out there. But I’m still a puss of enough to admit that if he busted out with the fact that he was leaving his wife, I’d totally date him. Whatever! I can admit that in the relative anonymity of this blog!

Quick man update – Crazy Date Boy came back licking my feet today. I am shunning him in large part but the teeny soft part of me was nice enough to give him a few minutes of chat this afternoon. Texas is still making me laugh and being so sweet and earnest. I definitely might be too hard and crusty for him but I’m very intrigued. He’s all sweet and intellectual and was a MARINE for 10 years. Weird mix. Toe Boy, we’ve spent the day chatting and he’s hilarious. But he’s totally gay! Whether or not he admits it! He told me he’s bi-curious which is just another word for gay but not ready to admit it. He could be my new gay best friend though!

Plenty of Fish is a hilarious website. You must check it out. People are so random and say and do the weirdest things. I’ve got a friend from work hooked on it. I just look at that site and laugh and laugh and laugh. What I want to know is why is 80% of the site old, fat, extremely unattractive, or looks like total porn stars. The other 20% have potential. I checked out the girl side today. About the same ratio! Ha!

Shocker news of the day – had a stupid email exchange today with Duckie. I really need to learn to avoid all contact with him that I can. I did think today to call the insurance company and ask that they keep all my files/records sealed both in print and online so he can’t see any doctor visits I make. No real reason just realized that he could see all my medical activities and thought that was one more area I should shut him out of my life. LOL little divorce tip for all you ladies and gents out there. I so don’t understand why one day we can have a totally normal conversation and the next he’s being a puss. Whatever! Sawyer told me he’s been like that around the house and he’s been playing the stupid drum set he (re: I) bought all hours of the night. LOL!

Two things have caught me off guard today. 1 – And I’m sure you’ve noticed this one is that I am so freaking happy right now. Even with dealing with the sadness of not seeing my kids every day, I’m still a million times happier than I can remember being in a long long long time. Longer than I ever realized. Reading back over some of my posts these last two months, it’s quite a difference.

2 – It’s shocking how little I think about Duckie at all now. Where the pervious 4-5 months and hell 12 years he was part of my daily life, I can go a whole day and not “consciously” think of him. Very interesting! It’s totally like I’ve closed that door and thrown away the key.

Re: trouble with comment postings: I don’t see to have any troubles sorry if any of you are. But I want you to post a quick note and tell us who (keep it anonymous if you’d like) you are and your basic situation. This blog has exploded and I want to know who’s’ following our story!


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  1. I hear you about going for a day and not thinking about Duckie. I think we are actually moving on here to that point. I noticed tonight at dinner that Russell's wedding ring is FINALLY off. That was driving me batshit crazy...I don't know what he was doing there. He did ask me about my dating today though...said he didn't know if I meant I was going out to date or going out for sex when I tell him I'm going out. I told him he could ask if he was curious, but I wasn't going to overshare. He said he didn't know if he wanted to know. Jesus, what is his damage already??
    Anyway, glad you had fun with Sawyer, but yes my dear...he totally played you...bad kitty. ;)