Monday, March 15, 2010

Man Friend Update

So after parrying back and forth all day with Sawyer I’m no closer to a conclusion about our situation. Whatever. We agreed to not keep any “secrets” from each other but no way am I going into detail about my social activities with him. Whatever. I’m peeved!

I think he’s just trying to keep me at arms length. He better be careful or I’m just going to walk away and he’ll be stuck with his bitchy little wife and his “unhappy” life all alone. Yeah I know. Big talk for someone who will run back towards him next time he calls.

In other news, I had to tell Crazy Date Boy to chill the freak out. He’s been all over me today with text and chat. I told him basically, and very nicely, to grow a pair and realize that I’m not some little single chick ready to make some guy I just met the center of my whole world. I have complications. I have kids, a job, and a life. A new guy comes way way down on my list these days. Much less a new guy who’s a midget. Haha.

I am meeting up with Kane on Wednesday. A little nervous about that but we have banging chemistry via chat and text anyways.

I also met an awesome guy - Texas. He seems rocking and he’s hot. He actually reads people. Real books! Like classics and all. And he has a library card he frequently uses! We had an amazing way too long chat session and he seems like he’s golden. He’s seriously datable material.

Like Jules said, we were discussing how women are supposed to hit their sexual peak in their 30s and I’d believe it. I must be putting off some serious pheromones or something cause it feels like I’ve been invisible for years and suddenly I’m standing in the spotlight guy wise. Not a bad feeling to have my friends. Anybody out there got a guy they want to set me up with? I surely can squeeze them in somewhere in my busy schedule LOL!


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  1. Hey!! You ladies are too much. Where were you when I was 30 something??? I will say this--- I'm not sure that sex in your 50s will be all that bad. You just have to find that willing and able partner that ignites the sparks. Keep that sexy attitude. BTW-- I have had trouble posting too.