Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is That A Whiff Of Jealousy?

Miranda, my dear friend, I am sure that moving between single and mom mode is in fact very strange. I have at least 3 years before I make that transition, but I know one day it's coming my way!
Today was strange here too, but for very different reasons. I discovered today that Russell is a tad bit jealous. I knew that he was jealous of Owen. He told me that months ago. He said that the whole situation made him feel like less of a man...all the while he was fucking some other men up the ass, so whatever.
I went to town today to pick up a sofa (the aforementioned fight sofa) from CL. I told Russell that I was getting this and we were discussing delivery. The guy I bought it from is delivering it to our current house, but we haven't arranged a way to get it from here to the new house yet. I mentioned that Gavin has a giant truck and would probably be willing to help us. He immediately fired back that he was "not comfortable" with that since I'm sleeping with him. He relayed it to Chloe not meeting him, which I assured Russell would not be happening (and he knows that since it's MY rule that she doesn't meet people we are casually seeing). I told him that IF Gavin did help us, it would be around Chloe. The undercurrent of that conversation was very odd though. I really don't get him sometimes.
Tomorrow night I have a date with a new guy. He's a pilot and owns a boat. It sounds promising and the best part? He's 36! I'm waiting for his massive character flaw...call me jaded.

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