Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

The aftermath of a break up is always an interesting time.  It causes you to reflect, reject past notions, and do lots of crazy things whether or not you’re the break upper or the break upee.  I’ve learned a lot over the last year and I’m definitely a different girl than I was last summer.  I just hope me re-entering the singles scene doesn’t bring back slutty Miranda.  Though slutty Miranda was pretty freaking happy based on the posts I was reading yesterday from last summer.

First off, a little catch up.  Grandpa Twin and College Crush have both stayed in touch with me though it’s very low key.  College Crush tends to text randomly when he’s been drinking and good old Grandpa Twin always finds some hilarious way to send me a “I’m not stalking you but I randomly happened to find something meaningful that I thought you’d like and I should share it but I’m really, really not stalking you” text or email.

Grandpa Twin started it off a couple weeks ago by sending me a news link to an article about a guy who fell in a blowhole on Maui.  The message line of the email was, “Just a news tip for your next trip to Hawaii.”  Then he proceed to tell me about a girl he was dating who had just given him a good old Dear Grandpa Twin email basically saying he was too nice of a guy and she didn’t want to see him anymore.

Last week after probably a month of not hearing from him, College Crush texted me.  He was all chatty and kept referring to us hanging out in the near future.  He even tried to sext me!  It happened to be the night I went out for Wine Wednesday with the girls (and Coach and I had not had a good day) so I’ll admit I sent some flirty texts back to him but nothing too bad.  Though the text-versation with him did end with him saying, “OMG the next time we see each other we are sooooo having sex.”

So then, this weekend passes and the break up ensues.  Monday nothing exciting happened.  Tuesday morning I got a text from Grandpa Twin saying, “So are you really single or is this a bump in the road (re: Facebook).”  I told him I was really single to which he said he was sorry and pumped up my ego telling me how amazing I was.  Then he said, “So do you think we could go out sometime soon.”  No Grandpa Twin I don’t.  The same things that were wrong with us before are the same things that are wrong with us now.  Lord he makes me laugh though. 

Tuesday afternoon College Crush texted me (are they are some sort of tandem timeline???).  He wanted to know what was up and we just chatted for a bit.  Then he said something about wanting to take me to a new bar by his house and how he’d have to ask my boyfriend’s permission to do that.  Oh and how mine and Gwyn’s no cursing challenge was going.  I answered, “A – I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do anything and B – seeing as how I don’t have a boyfriend anymore the cursing challenge has proved more difficult that usual.”  He of course was suitable empathetic and followed Grandpa Twin’s route of pumping up my ego.

Fast forward to Wednesday night, College Crush was out drinking and routinely started texting me.  After about 30 minutes of him texting over and over with me answering every couple of texts (I was busy stalking all yalls blogs) he bit the bullet and called me on the phone.  We talked for a little bit and he was talking all about how much fun I was and that he loved everything about me but my zip code (for newbie readers he lives about 1.5 hours away from me).  I just laughed at him mostly.  Then he lectured me about how cell phones are actually good for making phone calls and not just texting.  It was a fun lighthearted conversation.

We hung up and about 10 minutes later he started texting me again and trying to sext.  I told him I wasn’t that kind of girl (yeah right) and he finally gave up. 

About this time Coach texted me.  Apparently, he was back in town and having dinner with a friend at a sports bar.  He’s texted me a few times this week and tried to IM with me once at work but I’ve been keeping my distance big time.  Last night he wasn’t drunk, I’ll give him that but he had a buzz.  He sent a couple texts saying he was in town and telling me he was out with his best friend who had decided to quit drinking entirely.  That he missed me so much and felt like he’d lost his best friend.  That he was looking for a counselor up in DC and had decided to get an apartment up there to try and feel more settled down.  All I responded with was that I was glad his friend was trying to quit drinking and that I hope Coach got his life under control soon.  Then he texted me to say that this girl (one of the many in our small town who hated me) was there.  I immediately texted back, “I don’t care who is there.  Good night.”  He replied again sometime later but I was already asleep.

Thursday he broke the silence and called me mid-morning.  I had already picked up my phone and started to answer it before I saw it was him but I went ahead to see what he had to say.  He immediately apologized for last night and said he was just making conversation with me.  He wasn’t trying to play a game by telling me that girl was there or get under my skin (yeah right). Then he told me some random gossip about friends we have in common and I got off the phone with him pretty quickly.  It made me sad to talk to him.  Just made me miss the friendship part of our relationship. 

I’m ok though.  Ever since Saturday anytime I feel the least bit sad, I make myself take a long hard look at the REALITY of everything and that clears it right up.  I’m 150% sure that I did the right thing.  And so life goes on…


PS – Like all girls do after break ups I reactived my Plenty of Fish profile.  It’s scary out there lol.  I see so many of the same guys that I saw on there a year ago.

PPS – Monday Sawyer randomly emailed me.  Every once in a blue moon he sends a “hi how are you type of email.”  I usually ignore him.  I answered him.  He emailed a couple of times yesterday and asked if I was interested in a sex redux with him.  I said no lol that Miranda is off the married guy market permanently.  He hasn’t emailed since lol.

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