Friday, August 12, 2011

Weird...Just Weird

I hate  August (and Mercury). Things are weird and not good weird, just weird-weird.  Last night, Gavin did not come back over or even call for that matter.  I was kinda pissed about it, but I’ve also just moved into the whatever phase of things. I’m starting to think he’s a tool. Whatever happens, happens. I have no idea what I want and the emotional retard, commitment freak in me is feeling like I might drown if he says “love you, bye” one more time on the phone…maybe I’m the tool. Most women would probably be happy that after a declaration of feelings on my part, he’s started saying that to me…but clearly, I’m not most women. It wasn’t exactly what I was going for, but I guess that’s a lesson in being careful what you ask for because you just might get it.
Back to last night, I invited my neighbor over for dinner (mostly because I wanted to smoke) and we were talking and drinking and yes, smoking. He told me that he’s moving at the end of the month because he thinks the cops are onto him. He said a helicopter flew over the other day and hovered around his house. He’s definitely got some paranoia issues. Last weekend, he came up to our porch and told us that if we saw anything unusual at his house to please call his cell immediately. He said we would know what it was when it happened and then he turned and walked off. It was really odd, but now I get it. So he’s moving back in with his mom at the end of August…no kidding. 28 years old.
We moved inside off the porch after a while because I was feeling chilly and I stretched out on the couch. He moved over beside me and  put my legs over his and started rubbing my feet. He then moved up my legs and asked me if I wanted a full massage. I said I did and he proceeded to give me an amazing massage. It ended with my shirt off and him lotioning me up.  During this time, Russell came home from a romp and said as he walked in that he was happy to see the neighbor there, because he thought it might be Gavin and then he was going to be pissed that I was half naked on the couch. Really?  Again, whatever…that was just weird too. See what I mean about the weird thing?
He chatted with us for a while and then went to bed about 1:30am. The neighbor promptly started amping things up and kissing me and I told him we had to move off the couch. He took me by the hand and took me into my room. The next 2 hours were a blur of  hot sex. He went down on me forever and then he fucked the holy hell out of me for most of that time. I knew he was hung, but I’d forgotten how much so. It felt great. He went through 2 condoms and when he got up for the 3rd and I realized it was 3:30am, I told him I had to stop because I had to be up for work in 3 hours.  He said he understood, but still tried to seduce me again. I was past it by that point and a little sore from the 2 hours with condoms.
It was great for the ego b/c he’s younger and he kept telling me all through sex how beautful I am and how amazing I am. He also said that he watches me a lot here. That part kinda weirded me out a little. I’m not sure I like knowing that the neighbor is watching me all the time…weird.  Anyway, it was all very flattering and I needed to hear it since the team had failed on an epic level yesterday and I was feeling so irritated with them. It was nice to be reminded that I am awesome. ;)
Here’s a hilarious side note. I’m obviously going to win mother of the year this year for this one. He left me some stuff last night in a baggie. I had it in the junk drawer in the kitchen b/c that’s where I stashed it at the time. I went to move it this morning because Chloe goes in that drawer a lot and I saw it as I opened the drawer to pull out paper for her lunchbox love note. I had it in my hand and set it on the microwave while I made her lunch and then I went to finish getting ready for work. On the way to work, I realized to my absolute horror that I didn’t  remember what I’d done with the baggie and that I hadn’t seen it when I went back in to grab coffee. (Remember, I’ve had 3 hours of drunken sleep.) I texted Russell immediately and asked him to check the kitchen for it and move it to a safe spot out of Chloe’s vision if I’d left it out. The entire time I was texting him, I was freaking out that maybe I’d accidentally put it into her lunchbox which I’m pretty sure would have scored me a felony and ruined my career and my kid’s life for that matter. Much to my relief, I had absentmindedly left it on the mircowave and Russell moved it after getting my text. During this time, I was texting Miranda and she said I should get as much from him as I could before he goes. I told her I was trying, but I was having trouble keeping up with where I put it!!
August, you suck…I would like September to come now…please and thank you.
PS I have an ad up on CL right now for Owen and I to find a girl. I've tried to no avail to convince him to do a couple, but he said there is no way he's going to be that close to another cock in the bedroom, which is too bad b/c I could set that up immediately. Anyway, I got a reply today...from a guy. This would be the 3rd reply to this ad from a guy. Can men not read? It's under MW4W and since I have a pic of Owen's cock on there, I have wonder who in the world thinks they can please me more than that thing does? This guy sent me some cock shots and asked that if I liked what I saw, could he come stay with us for a week and please me? Apparently, he's always wanted to come to HI and can't afford it, so he thought he would offer an exchange. Yep, weird. 


  1. Good luck with your Craigslist ad. It's weird to me that a guy would look thru ads that involve people looking for a woman. It just seems like a waste of time on their part.

  2. I know, why would you look in a section where you are clearly not wanted? Anyway, I've never had much luck with CL for women but it completely and totally turns him on that I would even consider posting an ad that I put one up periodically. ;) I'm totally willing to do it with him, but it really is hard to find a single woman that is into it...too bad he won't do couples. - Jules