Monday, August 29, 2011

Innocent Sexting Turned Naughty Fun

Owen started texting me around 9:15am letting me know that he was working around the corner from my house. I told him that I was on Mom duty today and that unless his partner wanted to babysit, I wasn't free. :( He made a reference to fucking me over a jet ski in the supply closet and things went uber sexual from there!

He sent me a pic and told me how hot he was for me and I sent him a text back telling him that I was going to masturbate with my glass toy in the shower. He suggested he meet me in my driveway and again I declined b/c mini me was home. We discussed options while he was requesting pictures of me with beads in my ass and a toy in my kitty and eventually we came around to him pulling up to my neighborhood and me running up to meet him for a quickie while Chloe was glued to the TV. Go ahead and judge...whatever. ;)

I put Chloe in front of the TV and walked to the trash (my excuse for leaving) and his van with anal beads in my ass prepping me for him (per my instructions). I got in and he was laid out waiting for me. He took his shorts off and started stroking his cock. I quickly got in between his legs and sucked him until he was very hard. He got up and got behind me and fucked me for countless orgasms. I mean this man not only makes me act like a teenager, but he makes me cum an unbelievable amount of times every single time I see him.

He wanted to be in my ass with the beads, but because of time and the fact that I'd already played with them for the sake of pictures earlier...I was not able to accommodate both. I could take just him though and he pulled the beads out and replaced them with his huge cock. He fucked me so hard and I provided him with a blow by blow of what I had been thinking about 45 minutes earlier when I was sending the pics and masturbating. He came so hard in my ass and then he kept going because he knew I had a few more cumming. I finally came so hard with him laying on me and pinning me down that I clinched everything and ended up clinching my ass super hard around his cock. OMG he LOVED it. I thought for a second he might cum again.

We finished and cleaned up. He kissed me and told me that he would definitely see me Wednesday That's our new day of for sure sex. I love it. Happy Hump Days for Jules and Owen!! I raced home and Chloe hardly even noticed I'd been gone.

In other news, Gavin called me like 50 million times today but seemed to get the vibe I wanted me time. We had Russell's bf over tonight for a farewell dinner since he leaves this week and I wanted it to just be us. I did go ahead and book my trip today for Kauai with him for next weekend though. I'm sure lots of hot, dirty sex will follow. In all of our convos today, he did not mention his injury but I suspect it's the other reason he didn't cum over today.


  1. Sounds like you had such a hot time with Owen! I haven't used anal beads in years, but after reading your story, I want to go out and buy some! Hump day is a great day for you and Owen to meet up. You guys are hot together!

  2. Oh my we love the anal beads...I really love when he's in me with them, but circumstances don't always allow for that. It is seriously the best sex of my life with him. I've never met anyone that I've enjoyed being with for this long and it's still just as amazing if not better than the first time!