Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Endangered Species?

Well I certainly didn’t expect it to happen so soon but Miranda’s smitten yall.  The date I mentioned in my last post, well it turned into two dates in one day and a third is being planned as I type this.

Here’s the good stuff. He’s 38, divorced, 1 kid (a 6 year old daughter),  6’2, brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin lol, he’s in law enforcement, he grew up in the mountains here, he was in the military for a few years, he’s got awesome manners and seems to be very much a gentleman, and he seems to kind of all around be an awesome guy. Oh and his name is so amazing. It’s killing me to not be able to tell yall. I have thus named him….McKing in honor of Gwyn’s funny likeness of his name as Checkers McKing.

So McKing  messaged me on Plenty of Fish several days ago and I was impressed by his ability to spell correctly and actually have something of substance to say rather than, “Hey you’re cute,” or “Hey message me if you want to talk,” so I responded.  That led to a few intelligent and interesting emails, a brief online chat, and then him asking for and receiving my phone number.

He texted me some on Sunday and called me that evening.  McKing was funny and shocker, smart. He’s got an interesting job and is clearly comfortable carrying a conversation. What a refreshing twist from most guys on Plenty of Fish, hell from most guys period.  We talked a couple times on Monday and he asked me to lunch for today.  During one of those conversations we made the astounding and funny aforementioned discovery that he came and spoke to my work before one of those concerts I bartend at. What a small world!

So today arrives and I was more than a little nervous for my first “first date” in quite a while.  Plus he’s pretty much the entire opposites of Coach so that amped me up a little more.  I got to the restaurant before McKing and was very relieved to see him walk in and be just as cute as I remember from last year.  We sat down, ordered, and started talking and didn’t stop for two hours.  It was one of those fun first dates that starts out with you both a little nervous and then everything clicks and you’re exhausted afterwards and you face hurts from smiling.

As we left, he walked me to my car, thanked me for the date, and said he’d love to see me again.  I concurred.  A couple hours later I got a text from him again saying how much he enjoyed spending time with me and that he’d love to see me again soon.  Just as I left work, he called and asked what I was doing later tonight.  I was just going to the gym and home and he asked if it wasn’t too forward would I like to meet up later for drinks and dinner.  LOL I know he said soon but I wasn’t expecting a second date in the same day.

Nevertheless, I decided that I would be hard pressed not to spend a couple more hours in McKing’s company and agreed to meet him about 7:30 for drinks and a late dinner at my very favorite (and expensive) place in a nearby city.  I really didn’t want to go out in my town because of all the drama with Coach lately and the last thing I want is someone getting things stirred up because I’m on a date with someone else.

So I rushed through my gym time, raced home, totally showered/redid my hair and make up and rushed off to meet him. Three hours later my face hurts from smiling and I’m still shaking my head over the fact that I may have found one of the last of a dying breed – a real gentleman.

We again had GREAT conversation, laughed a ton, and everything felt really natural and good.  At the end of the date McKing again walked me to my car and said he hoped I’d want to see him again soon. I of course said I did and he hugged me and watched me drive away.  Yep, two dates and no kiss. But it’s coming. And I’m going to be ready!  Let’s just hope the kiss is as good as the rest of the chemistry!



  1. YAY! McKing sounds awesome!! I'm so happy for you!

  2. That's so exciting, Miranda! I can't wait to hear about the kiss (when it happens!)