Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mid Night Booty Call

Gavin called me tonight around 11:30pm. I've been sick all week and I was laying in bed almost asleep. I'd had a few glasses of wine, a Xanax, and a Nightquil b/c I'm a firm believer in mixing my drugs. ;) Anyway, he asked if he could cum see me. I said Yes (of course), but forewarned him that I was on quite a cocktail and wasn't planning to be awake very long at all.

Then he calls back about 10 minutes later to tell me that his bike ran out of gas and he was walking. He said he was going to try to hitch a ride this way and asked if I'd bring him back after. I agreed, despite my exhaustion, because options were limited. As it turns out, hitchhiking at that hour on the North Shore is a bit challenging due to the lack of traffic...so I ended up having to go get him too. He was close enough, so it was no big deal.

I pulled up and he said "I'll drive". I asked if he was afraid for me to based on the substances flowing and he said "No, not at all but I want road head!" and promptly pulled out his hard cock. What's a girl to do but suck on it?? I blew him as he drove to a friend's house to get a gas can, blew him all the way back to my house, and came inside. He put me on all fours and fucked me super hard core like I love it. He was pinching my tits so hard I thought I might pass out. It felt amazing and I came twice really hard. Then he told me to flip over and suck him off so that he could cum all over my glasses. He demanded that I look at him while he did it....oh so hot. Ya'll know I love, love, love it when men are all aggressive and domineering. We cleaned up and I took him to get gas and back to his bike.

It was awesome, "normal" us sex....no discussion of feelings. No "Love yous", just a great fuck and a "See you soon, sweetie". I was worried because it's a full moon and that normally brings out the crazy, along with the aforementioned August-Mercury crazy, but it was great and exactly what I needed from him. Thanks for throwing me a bone, August. I'm still not loving you, but I appreciate the gesture.


  1. Love the road head! Glad he fucked you the way you wanted it, in return!