Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping It Going

I spoke too soon! Life is not really going to be boring around here. J Owen texted me this morning and asked what I was doing after I dropped Chloe off at school. I responded with “You?”.  I was supposed to head straight to work, but I have a very flexible boss that as long as I work X hours a week, she could care less when those are, so it’s ok if I’m a little late. I told him that I did have to leave at 8:30am though in order to make it there in time for a 9:30am meeting.
His daughter is now in middle school and her school is right around the corner from my house! Apparently, he’s more than happy to volunteer to drive her there and stop by my house on the way to work or back home. He came in this morning and took my toy from me and started pounding me with it as I sucked him and got him rock hard. He moved in front of me and pushed his cock way in and started giving it to me oh sooooo good. I let him do me in missionary for a little bit and then I moved so he knew to put my legs up over his shoulders and move me up and down on him. Oh yes!!
He knew I was in a hurry and he was too because he had to go back home before work, so he asked if he could be in my ass sooner than we normally do. I said yes b/c I knew I was ready and b/c I was in his favorite position for it. I let him in and was rubbing my kitty so hard while he pounded my ass. I love watching his face when he’s in there. It’s such a mixture of pleasure and control as he’s trying to not cum yet.
Finally, he flipped me over into my favorite position on my stomach and gave me more, super hard core fucking. I was soaked and then he kind of stopped and started doing it really slowly as he came. It was a very different way for him to cum. Normally, he cums as he’s fucking the shit out of me, but today it was slow and with his body pressed right on top of me. After he came, he let me keep going and picked up the pace again for me. He looked over and told me it was 8:30am, but I told him I didn’t care. I came twice more and then raced to shower for clean up before flying to work. I made it there in 45 minutes, when it normally takes an hour.
I’ve decided Gavin really does have radar. Almost every single time I see Owen, he calls or sometimes comes by the house. He’s still in CA for another day or so, but I was literally only 5 minutes out from the house and he called.  He asked what I was doing and I stifled laughter and told him I was driving to work. Does he have a camera in my room or something?? How does he always know? I didn’t lie, but I didn’t tell him I’d just seen Owen either.  He knows about him, but he doesn’t need to know every time I see him.
He said he’s bringing some fun stuff home for us in the way of substances. I told him not to get arrested b/c I don’t have bail money for a few weeks. Then I told him he’s a very bad influence, yet I’m totally drawn to his bad boy side like a moth to a flame. Yep, the status quo is pretty awesome, no need to make any changes right now! They are both very caring, giving lovers. Owen sent me a text tonight that read "God every time you cum just makes me want to keep going!!". That's the kind of thinking I love, not the 'oh great you came, now I can too and we're done', but the 'how many times can I please you' thoughts are my favorite!  

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