Monday, August 1, 2011

He's Still Got It

Gavin came over twice yesterday. The first time he came over around lunchtime and hung out chatting with us for a while. It's funny to watch him when he knows he's not the center of my universe. He seems out of sorts in a way. I didn't pay him much attention yesterday afternoon, but he asked me to call him when we went to a resort near his house for cocktails and sunset. I did, but he was doing other things and made an excuse about not wanting to meet up with us. I think he senses my Mama is not his biggest fan.

He called around Chloe's bedtime last night to see what we were doing, but we were actually preparing for a late dinner and Russell really didn't want me to invite him over, so I told him he could come by later in the evening if he wanted. He didn't show up for a long time and I assumed he'd kinda gotten the hint and decided to crash at home. I was incorrect. I'm very glad he came though.

When he got here, he was horny as hell. We hadn't had sex since Wednesday night and he was aching for it. My Mama and I were drinking wine on the porch, listening to music, and talking (and mostly laughing our asses off). He sat down and talked with us for a while. She went in at one point to go to the bathroom and do the dishes and he reached over and pulled my tank top down and started sucking on my tits. Then he pushed me back in my chair a little, pulled my shorts over, and started licking me. I told him to stop b/c I was sure she would walk out, but she didn't nor did he stop. We fooled around for a minute and then he took his super hard cock out and put it into my mouth. He was feeling very aggressive and it was fun sneaking around. I felt like I was 16 again.

My Mama came back out after washing the dishes and he was dying. I went in to refill our glasses and he followed me inside begging for it. I told him he had to wait until she went to sleep and then I would fuck the holy hell out of him. He patiently (more or less) waited and when she finally called it a night, he dragged me into the house. We went into his old room here (sorry Gwyn) and he immediately went down on me again. I told him we had to be super quiet because the house was super full. He licked and fingered me until I came and then he gave me some fantastic sex. I mean fantastic. He pulled my legs up around his face and held onto my ankles (I actually have a bruise today) and fucked me like crazy. Then, he flipped me over and played in between my ass a little and my kitty. I told him I couldn't take him in my ass though b/c that always produces huge orgasms and I knew I couldn't be silent enough for that. We finished with me sucking him off and him cumming all over me like he likes it.

After he came, he snuggled down and asked if he could stay with me. I told him absolutely not now that Chloe was home and the Mama is here! He was really put out, but complied and got up and went home all while laying it on thick since it was almost 1:30am. I crawled into a very wet bed for a few hours of sleep before getting up to take Chloe to her first day of 3rd grade. No one mentioned hearing any noises last night, so I think we pulled it off.

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  1. Silent (or quiet) sex is a lot of fun! And I agree. Anal is way too intense to be quiet. That can be saved for the next time! :)