Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop the Insanity!

Well it was another banner freaking Friday night thanks to Coach.  I had another Girls Night Out with D, a sweet country friend of mine who happens to be Coach’s best friend’s girlfriend.  Thursday Coach texted me to say he was going to come home so I had a good inkling that something was going to go down.  I should have trusted my instincts and cancelled Girls Night Out.

So D comes over to my apartment to get ready and we head out to a terribly tacky bar that is attached to a bowling alley.  It sounds much worse than it is really but they always have good bands and if you can get over the pervasive smell of bowling shoes, it’s really quite fun.  So we’re having a good time hanging out, flirting with very inappropriate boys (including one who does tattoos in his kitchen, but only when he’s sober lol) and Coach starts texting me.  He’s telling me how his BFF is drunk like he’s never seen and that he’s taking him home, it’s about 10:30 at this point. 

I told D about it and she called Coach to make sure her man was ok and told Coach to take care of him.  A little while goes by and Coach starts texting again.  He’s at a bar right down the road from us and shocker – he’s drunk.  Wasted.  Please come get him.  He can’t drive.  It’s about 11:30 at this point.  I ignore the text.  D and I continue to have a good time amongst the older women in Capri pants and Bermuda shorts along with the men wearing kerchiefs on their head and very poorly thought out facial hair.

12:30 comes along and more drunken texts from Coach.  D said she was worried he would actually drive and that she thought we should go get him.  I didn’t want to.  She swayed me though by promising that she’d take care of him and all I’d have to do was be calm and quiet lol.  So we headed down the street and got to the other bar about 1 am.  Coach is on the dance floor listening to the band.  He waves and D and I stand at the bar next to some older guys who are drinking.  We buy a beer each and are talking to each other when Coach sees us standing next to, not talking/interacting/flirting/etc, these guys and he bows up his chest and starts coming over to the guys.  D jumps up and tries to calm him down.  She succeeds and tries to get him to leave.  He doesn’t want to go yet.

About 15 minutes or so a repeat of the above situation.  D calms him down again and Coach goes out on the dance floor and starts dancing with these two older ladies.  Then D and Coach go outside so she can smoke and a guy asks me to dance.  I agree.  Next thing I know Coach is back inside and all pissed again.  I stopped dancing and walked across to the other side of the bar.  Coach goes outside and texts me to never speak to him again.  The he starts demanding his keys, which D had taken from him earlier.  We go outside to leave and I walk off so I’m not involved and D gets Coach to come get in my car. 

For the 15 minutes or so it takes to get back to my place he rants and raves until I finally snap and cussed him out and told him to NEVER EVER call or text me again when he’s been drinking and that I was done “saving” him.  We go upstairs and I told him he could go sleep in one of the kid’s rooms and that D would sleep with me in mine.  She’s talking to him and he’s doing his normal drunken “everything’s a joke and he’s right and everyone else is wrong.”  I decided to video tape him.  So I did for about 10 minutes.  Then he said something that I can’t even remember now and I got mad and told him to get the hell out of my apartment.  D was upset because I was so she gave him a ride to her man’s house and I went on to bed.

Somehow, he managed to leave his phone at my place so Saturday morning I told him to come get it.  He did and acted as if everything was normal.  I turned on the video camera and he wouldn’t look at it but he stood there and listened to himself drunkenly ramble.  He didn’t like it.  He tried to offer excuses and say he didn’t understand why I got mad at him the night before.  I gave up, laughed, and told him I wasn’t talking about it anymore.  I reiterated that he is to never, ever call me again or text me when he’s been drinking. 

He sent me a couple texts later in the day that finished by saying he was sorry and he wouldn’t text me again.  8 hours later during Gwyn’s going away luau he texted me about how devastated he was.  So much for the never texting thing again.  I’m really tired of this cycle.

My horoscope for the day - Today you will save yourself a lot of frustration if you simply accept the way things are.  Sure, they could be better -- but they could be a lot worse, too.  The truth is, you don't have as much power as you want to right now.  You can't change the world around you; all you can do is try to adjust.  Your positive outlook isn't going to go to waste, but you have to acknowledge that while it can cheer you and make you feel better, it can't always change how other people feel.


PS – I have a date at lunch tomorrow with a hot guy who is an ALE agent and whose name is something to the effect of Checkers McKing.  I wish to God I could tell you his real name.  It’s awesome.  And to prove what a small world it is, he spoke to my work before one of the concerts I bartended at last summer and Gwyn and I talked about how hot he was.  How random is that?????


  1. I'm very thankful that the cycle is over. I am ecstatic about your lunch date tomorrow and cannot wait to hear all of the details! :)

  2. Have fun at the your lunch date! Hope it goes well :)