Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giddyup Cowboys

Holy hellzbola.  After my whiny “I’m tired and ready to go to Hawaii” post yesterday it’s like a huge blinking light must have went off above my head signaling to the boys that they need to step their game up.

Last night I logged on to both Plenty of Fish (aka Land of Lots of Losers) and OkCupid.  Plenty of Fish had a crap ton of guys (re: losers) who had messaged me including a very cute country boy.  I spoke with him briefly on the phone and he seems nice but I’m not sure there’s much going on up top.  And by that, I mean in his head, not on his head.  Why do I attract so many country boys?  Maybe I need to just give it up and become a white trash woman.

OkCupid was on overload with a ton of cute, (seemingly) normal, (seemingly) smart guys who had messaged me including the proverbial Jewish doctor.  Somewhere a Jewish mom’s heart just broke at the idea that a Shiska could be taking one of the rare finds. 

I’ve been exchanging emails with several of them and am quite shocked.  Thoughtful questions, tastefully funny jokes, nothing creepy or weird – yet.  There’s always a yet in there because we all know I’m a gimp magnet.

Even last night Duckie was super sweet to me.  Maybe it’s a week for ex-husbands to be awesome?  We took the kids to open house and afterwards he texted me to tell me he’d broken up with his latest crazy girlfriend.  He said he was finally at a place where he was happy being on his own and that it felt pretty great.  I told him I was glad for him and that I was hoping to get back to that place soon myself.  And then Duckie sent me the nicest text saying how much I deserved to be happy and that he was always there to listen to me anytime I needed it.  Made tears well up in this cold dead heart of mine.

And after his distant behavior of the last few days, McKing popped up fast and furiously texting me and even calling twice today.  I can’t quite figure him out still.  I think I need to retreat to my mantra of letting things be and just letting them work themselves out on their own.  So buckle up ladies and gentleman.  Looks like ol’ Miranda’s getting back up on the dating horse for y’all. 


PS a random funny.  I had an email from my boss minimized on my screen and just looked down and it caused me to LOL.  I really needed that this afternoon!

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  1. Sounds like you have some interesting possibilities and getting back on the dating horse is always a good thing. Oh the minimized tab is too funny! I needed that laugh today too!