Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sexy Wednesday

Well yesterday was a slutty, sex filled wonderland! It started with Owen. He had texted me Tuesday night when I was in class asking me if I was in town and if we could meet up since he was hanging out waiting out traffic. Sadly, we were unable to hook up because of the length of class but we did plan for the following morning! He came over bright and early after dropping the kids at their respective schools and told me to roll over into my favorite position. He crawled into bed and laid on top of me, kissing me, and slipping a finger into me. I was already very ready and he rubbed his hard cock all around my girly parts before entering me. That initial moment when he enters me is one of my favorite parts of sex. It always takes me breath away for a second.

He gave me sooooo many orgasms, all while talking very dirty to me. I love when he stops moving and tells me to fuck that cock. It turns me on so much! I was so wet and then he said he wanted to fuck my tight little ass. He said he's obsessed with my ass and dreams about it. Yum! ;) He entered me and again, it was breathtaking for a moment. He was giving it to me so well that right before he came, I had my fingers in my kitty and I actually squirted and soaked my hands. I told him right after he came because I didn't want to distract him at the time and he actually moved his hands to feel the pillow I was laying on top of. I've never had a man feel for where I soaked the sheets before. It was funny and sexy and weird all at the same time.

We jumped in the shower and did our usual sexy, soapy clean up. God I love when that man soaps me up and  kisses me...sooooo sensual. I could go again right then every time, but sadly it's also right when I'm already about 15 minutes late anyway. He left and I threw the sheets in the wash and jumped in the car and raced to work.

Gavin called me around lunch time. I let him call twice before I called him back. He had very obviously been in my house the day before going through my stuff. I'm on an antibiotic for something non STD related, but I decided that if he asked about it I was going to tell him it was for the clap...purely to give him a moment of horror as payback for going through my stuff. We talked and he asked me to dinner. It seems the gf is back off island for two weeks. I agreed to dinner. He also asked if I was still planning to go to Kauai with him over Labor Day and I said I didn't know. I'm not sure if I want to go just yet.

We went to dinner and had a great time, as always. I gave him shit for being so MIA lately and he said it's because he's been super busy trying to get his son sponsored and working to pay for everything related to the Kauai trip. He said he's definitely missed me and that he tried to come over Sunday, but I was obviously busy with Russell. Then he asked about the antibiotics. I told him that I really hate him going through my stuff. I told him that I get tested bi-annually and that if I have anything I would tell him, as we have discussed numerous times, because I'm a fucking adult. And then I said, "But it is for the clap...sorry to tell you this way, but you haven't had a phone for almost 2 weeks". LMAO! His face was priceless. I quickly told him otherwise, but I gave it a second and then I told him it was payback. He apologized and said he really hadn't been going through my stuff but it had just been out on the counter and he was using my bathroom and noticed it. I suppose that's plausible, but I also think he does go through my stuff when I'm not here too.

Anyway, we had a fun dinner and then he said he wanted to come home with me. I acted coy, but agreed. He   got here and we sat around drinking and watching TV for a while. It was a Real Housewives of NJ night and that's my guilty pleasure. OMG I just admitted that out loud. It's on the world wide web....thank god I use an alias. He kept reaching over and playing with and sucking on my tits. He pulled me over to cuddle with him on the couch and finally I told him we had to move into my room since Russell was home. We did and had copious amounts of foreplay. He got me off multiple times with his tongue and his fingers and then we were laying around watching porn and he was massaging my shoulder (By the way, I did finally tell Owen we can't have sex like that anymore. He was upset I hadn't told him sooner because he said he never, ever wants to hurt me.I told him I didn't want to tell him because it made me feel old.) All of a sudden, there was a knock on my door. I got up and it was Russell. I was immediately afraid we'd been loud and he'd heard us, but he was very nicely bringing me a piece of chocolate. I left my room and hung out with him in the kitchen talking for a while.

When I went back in, Gavin gave me the 3rd degree about being out there with him for so long. What had I been talking about? Were we smoking? Etc...I nipped that quickly and told him he's my best friend and still presently my husband and if I want to go out and talk to him, I will...any damn time I feel like it. He agreed and resumed massaging me. Finally, he pulled me over to suck on him and then gave me a great fuck. He got behind me in doggie style and pounded me like he does! I finally crawled up the bed some and laid flat and we fucked more in this, my favorite position. He knows about the antibiotic and that it makes my pill ineffective. I was a little afraid he might not comply with my order to not cum in me for the next 6 weeks, but he promptly pulled out and shot a huge load of cum all over my ass when he finished. I was happy he listened, especially since he's been going through this whole I want another kid thing.

We cleaned up and he asked if I would be upset if he went home to sleep in his bed. Has he forgotten who I am?? I told him not at all. I'd told him earlier in the night that he could not sleep in my bed anymore since Chloe's home and he said initially he would stay in my bed for a while and then move into the guest room during the night, but I guess he decided he wanted to go home which suited me just fine. It was a great sex day and I'm pleased to say sans emotions! Normal is back! Hallelujah!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day! I think it's so hot that you were getting fucked in your ass and you made yourself squirt! That must have felt so good! I'm so jealous!

  2. It was amazing...Owen is a sex god. I've never had another man do to me the things that he does...omg.