Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well I cleared the house on my end...Russell at work, Gavin blown off, Chloe at a sleepover...moments of silence have now descended blissfully on my house. That silence was just interrupted by a series of texts from Owen saying that there is full on drama at his house between his wife and daughter and he has to go straight home to deal with that after he gets off. No super hot, nasty sex for us tonight. I know I could call Gavin over for some, but honestly I am RELISHING in this moment of silence at my house and I'm glued to the TV watching hurricane coverage with a huge glass of wine....ahhhhhh.

I told Owen clearly it wasn't our day. The universe (or more precisely his wife) thwarted both attempts to hook up today. I'm taking it as a sign, like maybe I avoided a pregnancy or something!

PS I hit send and Gavin called. He asked if I was busy and said that he sensed in my energy earlier that I had other plans tonight.Sometimes he really is perceptive, other times not so much. I just told him I'd been out getting my hair done and didn't want to eat dinner out as he had proposed. Fortunately as we were chatting, a friend of his pulled up so I'm thinking I can still manage a quiet, alone evening.

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  1. "I'm taking it as a sign, like maybe I avoided a pregnancy or something!" - Best. line. ever!

    Hope you enjoyed the quiet time.