Monday, August 29, 2011

And We're Off....

Ok a little of the old Miranda is coming out combined with the new Miranda.  Yes, I realize I’ve been talking about myself in the third person lately and yes, it’s weird.  HA! So in my last post I was talking about all the boys in the early stages of recruiting for Team Miranda.  There were quite a few I started out talking to (re: old Miranda – date them all approach) but I’ve narrowed it down to two front-runners (re: new Miranda – only date 1-2 at a time so she can actually learn to like someone specific).  Those players are McKing who’s still floating around and a new guy who’s going to be known as the Giant Ginger.

So McKing has kind of been up and down.  I swear the days he has his daughter it’s like he goes MIA totally and completely.  Even when he’s working, he may send a text or two but that’s it.  Then bam – the daughter is gone and he’s blowing up my phone.  I’m not sure what this weird communication pattern is.  Honestly after he’s MIA, I start to feel a little more whatever about him but then he pops back up and he’s funny and smart and keeps me intrigued with great conversation.  Being able to hold a conversation on the phone and in person are two very different skills – two he masters quite impressively.  Especially because unless you’re a BFF I pretty much hate talking on the phone.  Sure, I’ll text for hours with you but unless you give good phone, I will find a reason to get off after mere minutes.

So with McKing, I’m just seeing where it goes with him.  I haven’t seen him since he stopped by my house that night but we’re supposed to have lunch this week again.  I’m starting to feel like I need a kiss from him to determine how much I really like him.  But at the same time, I’m kind of digging this “hands off” approach.  I’ve always said how much I love the anticipation that builds up before the first kiss happens.  The “accidental” touches, the brush of a hand, feeling the chemistry build and build and build. 

The other new guy is from my OkCupid crop.  The Giant Ginger – HA!  He gets that moniker because he’s a red head (think reddish gold not Ronald McDonald red) and he’s wait for it…..6’6.  Yes 6’6.  Y’all know Miranda’s crazy for tall guys.  He’s the tallest guy so far, wait, there was the original Giant (he with the very average penis but ginormous balls).  Ok but the Giant Ginger is way cuter than the Giant was.  Basic stats – he’s 41, country boy, red hair, blue eyes, divorced over a year, 2 teenage kids, and he is an insurance salesman who helps run his dad’s insurance business.  He also is a part time EMT and he umpires/referees sports for his kids.  And he’s an awesome texter - as in I might have met my texting match. 

The first couple phone conversations weren’t bad but he’s not the suave talker McKing is.  Though today I had a very impromptu lunch with him and the conversation was great in person.  He is ADD though!  He told me that before lunch and let me assure you it was true. Though I will say he is able to hold a conversation and be ADD at the same time, which is interesting.  The Ginger Giant kind of made me think of good old Lawyer Boy (he of the pretty penis) in that he has a million stories and while he’s telling you stories, he’s asking random questions, playing with whatever is on the table, tapping his foot, and looking around the room between holding intense eye contact.  If I hadn’t have dated Lawyer Boy it would have thrown me for a loop.  Fortunately, Miranda earned her PhD in dating an ADD boy though.

After lunch (which he drove me to and from – bonus points), we chatted for a bit longer before I headed back to work.  He gave me a big hug (another hugging guy??), said he would love to see me again soon, and told me he’d talk to me this afternoon.  Then he always walked me to my car, opened the door, and closed it for me.  This dating guys with manners who at least from the outside seem to be gentleman rocks! 

I’m not sure which guy is ahead in the ranks right now because while they have some similarities they are really different.  I have to say after today I’m really drawn to the Ginger Giant though. 


PS – I did fess up this weekend to the girls that all I keep wondering though is if the carpet matches the drapes.  I’d say 95% of the guys I’ve been with have been brunettes or raven-haired.  Neither Gwyn nor Jules have been with a redhead so they can’t share.  Do any of y’all know lol?

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