Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Giant Step Forward...

So after my last few posts I figured I owed you something a little more lighthearted. There’s a new man on the horizon. See something you should know about me is that I've got a slight addiction to tall guys. I mean I really have a thing for tall guys. The taller the better in my book. On PoF I started messaging with a guy who is, wait for it….. 6’6. Yep six foot six. As Jules said it, “That’s basketball player tall.” Or as Gwyn said, “You will literally be dating a giant.” So henceforth, he shall be known as the Giant.

The Giant is a cute, southern boy who lives about 40 minutes from me. He lives on a lake, owns his own property management company, has a ski boat, a pontoon boat, a jet ski, a four wheeler, and he has a cleaning lady. Yeah, I’m thinking he’s got some money.

He was a military guy for 10 years and got out a few years ago so I figure he’s exorcised all his demons by now. No kids, and he was briefly married when he was 18 right when he entered the military. The Giant got deployed overseas, his wife cheated, and he somehow got an annulment after they’d been married about 8 months. Yeah, I might hold off on telling him aout my own indiscretion. He was a paratrooper and managed to not get a single tattoo in his 10 years of service though after his 1000th parachute jump, his sergeant hazed him (and about 13 other guys) and pierced his nipple which he still wears today.

We’ve been emailing and texting up a storm and he’s pretty hilarious. All day today he was “working” and sending me pics of the lake, random cows along the road, and eventually a snake he found (to which I answered “I think it’s a little forward of you to show me your snake before we’ve even gone on our first date.” LOL). We’re going out for a lovely Mexican fiesta tomorrow on Cinco de Mayo – how appropriate. We did talk for about an hour on the phone tonight and the chatting was definitely good. For such a tall guy, I will say he doesn't have super deep manly voice I expected but he still gives good voice.

So back to this nipple ring thing. If the time ever comes that I get to be up close and personal with that thing, how do I handle it? What do you do with that thing? Any tips or suggestions dear readers?

In other man news, Texas, sweet Texas, is actually back living in Texas at this point. And since he’s been back, he’s suddenly gotten much more forward. I mean he’s still the PERFECT southern gentleman but he’s been decidedly flirty. So much so that he actually invited me to come see him in Texas this summer! I was quite shocked because in a moment of bravado, I had told Jules and Gwyn that I predicted I’d get the invite within the next two months and it was actually like two days! If things continue to go as smoothly and nicely with him, I very well may be on my way to Texas in the near future.

Faux Jew Boy has two dates booked for this week – Thursday and Saturday. I’m still feeling him big time though he’s definitely got a quirky way about him. It’s kind of hard to talk to him on the phone but in person we click really well. Well see how it goes. Our Saturday date will be date number four …. I need to be strong and resist the path to temptation!

Motorcycle Man’s showed back up but I’ll save his update for another post. I’m going to need a reader poll about what to do with him.

College Crush is looking like at the end of the month I’ll be making a little sojourn down to see him and catch a concert of my favorite musical artist. He’s also started to suddenly be more confident and flirty. Yet again he’s promised to update his profile pic on Facebook so maybe I’ll see just how much dough there is to this suspected dough boy in the near future. ETA – how did we ever effectively cyberstalk before Facebook? I mean really! It’s the best way to get information on anyone you’re dating!

High School Crush still regularly texts me but no meet up yet – by my choice that is. He’d have been over here in a heartbeat about 20 times by now. I’m still not sure what to do with him.

Sawyer is being Sawyer. I was out of the office most of the day today and when I got in about 2:30 I had four emails from him of the “Hey!” and “Where are you” variety. He knows he’s on the outs though I’m still laughing at his behavior this weekend.

I’m putting out an APB on Lawyer Boy. Haven’t heard from him in a week now. He gets one more day and then he’s permanently sidelined. Also, Kane’s been kicked off the team for good just because our schedules never meshed and I decided standing me up that night was an unforgivable offense.

I’ve embarked on a 5 dates in 4 days challenge just to shake myself out of the blues from last week. And yes I realize that means I’ve got to double-book one day. Hey, I like to set my goals high! LOL! So far I’ve got three definitely booked (the Giant on Wednesday, FJB on Thursday, and FJB on Saturday). Depending on how things go with the Giant, he may get a slot for Friday night or Saturday day. Motorcycle Man would like to see me and I’m not opposed to seeing him (for what might be one last time) but I’m giving the Giant a shot to book up my weekend first. Of course if Lawyer Boy suddenly calls, I may give in and sub him in somewhere.

Gotta book two more dates to reach my goal! Go Miranda!


PS - Just had to come back and add that par for my dating "profile" thus far, the Giant owns multiple guns (he's a big hunter) and has owned more than one motorcycle in the past (though he doesn't currently own one). WTF!


  1. The Giant sounds promising! FJB does as well. I'd meet up with High School Crush if I were you...seriously. I wonder what happened to Lawyer Boy...men are so fucking weird sometimes and they say we're the flaky ones...yeah, right. And for the record, I'd like to say unless it helps you meet your goal, I would personally cut MM out. It sounds like a fun week though!!

  2. Just so everyone knows, Miranda just took out a tape measurer to see exactly how tall 6'6 is. Freaking hilarious. Height slut indeed.....


  3. HA! I totally did. 6'6 is tallllllll! I can't wait!

  4. I've got a buddy who's 6'7" I've known forever, and he particularly hates it when I ask "How's the weather up there?"

    You should totally do that.