Monday, May 31, 2010

Pause For a Moment

I need to push the pause button for a moment b/c I have NO idea what to do and that's an unusual phenomena for me. The Hungarian sent me all those crazy texts Friday night and it sent me into lukewarm mode. I was a little afraid of our weekend plans after those texts and I was hating Russell yesterday (which I'm over btw) and when I got to the Hungarian's house yesterday I was feeling a little chilly...until he opened an awesome bottle of wine that one of his friends (who are winemakers!) gave him and then I started to loosen up. I'm a sucker for wine...it makes me a nicer person...but when I got there initially I was annoyed with him. My annoyance was probably left over for the texts the night before, but also from Russell. I realized it quickly and suggested that we leave his house for food and wine ASAP. He opened the wine, took me out for Greek food, and things improved. He actually ordered my food for me, which is not something I love at all, but it was cute...so I allowed it. During dinner his grandma called and they had a rather lengthy conversation in Hungarian...it was also cute. I love a family man...really. If you hate your relatives, it makes me pause. After dinner, he took me to the Tantalus lookout where you can see the whole city lit from above...it's gorgeous!
We drove home, drank more wine, got high, had some pretty great sex, and passed out. I woke up the first time at 7am, as did he, but I refused to actually open my eyes. We got up the second time at 10am...well, I did. I woke up and went into the bathroom to text Miranda and do my morning pretty routine. He woke up 30 minutes later when I re-entered his room and announced it was coffee time. He didn't sense the urgency of this situation and pissed around for about an hour...which annoyed me. During this time, I sent Miranda a follow up text stating that maybe I should only date when I'm drunk. At last, we left for coffee and provisions and hit the beach. I'm a total North Shore girl and I discount the rest of the island pretty much, except for this one area near Kailua. There is an awesome stretch of beach near there that I adore and that's where he wanted to go today. As we sat and ate our brunch on the sand, I was becoming less annoyed (chalk this up to the coffee finally entering my system). I moved after we ate into the sun and he stayed in the shade until he saw the water creeping toward me. Then, he moved over to where I was laying out and built a freaking dam around me to prevent me from getting wet. OMG, can you stand it?? Any other man would have told me to move my sorry, lazy ass to a not wet spot. I was kind of fighting the urge at this point to tell him I loved him...I mean he built me a dam!
The only mention of affection was last night when he told me during sex that he loves me, which I just ignored. I've decided that's my MO...I'm going to ignore these comments as long as possible. I came home after the beach because he has errands to run that I didn't want to do and I just felt like it was time. I'm going back on Wednesday night before my bff arrives...because then it's pretty much 2 weeks of no sex. I adore her and I never, ever get to see her, so I'm off my boys while she's here.


  1. Perhaps he's just that certain breed of guy who assumes saying "I love you" makes the sex better somehow. It's a little chauvinistic, but I've met guys that just say shit like that because they think that they're expected to say it when you start having sex regularly.

  2. I think it's all cultural differences. He doesn't seem too crazy other than the love stuff LOL. Just ignore it!