Monday, May 31, 2010

A Crush Comes to Life

OMG pretty much sums up my date with College Crush. Now if you’ve been following the story, CC is the guy who I crushed on all through college (obviously) but we never hooked up, never went on a date, never anything. After school we lost touch and randomly I ran into him right after Duckie and I moved in our first house about 8 years ago. He was actually living nearby and we did the whole “let’s hang out” thing but still we never actually did.

Fast forward to about a year ago, we reconnected via Facebook and started occasionally chatting. Chatting naturally turned into flirting and he pretty much saw/heard me go through everything with my dad passing away and with my marriage falling apart with Duckie. Things stayed very friendly and about the time I moved out, they got decidedly more flirty and intense. We switched to texting and more days than not we exchange at least a couple messages.

During this whole time I’ve pestered him about not having a profile picture on Facebook. Then a couple weeks ago we finally decided it was time for us to hang out. I honestly figured he probably was as Gwyn said it a “fatty mcpatty” since he was refusing to show me a picture and then after much harassment mid-week he sent me one. It was inconclusive, looked like he’d gained some but hard to tell how much.

Yesterday was our date finally and as I packed my overnight bag I felt like I was bringing two sets of clothes – one that say “hey big boy” and one that said “keep yer hands to yourself.” LOL. As I headed down to where he lives (about an hour and a half from me) I worked myself into a near state of hysteria not just over what he looked like but it was the whole unrequited crush thing. It felt like a lot of pressure! I pulled up to his place and took a few steadying breaths and prepared myself to see a chubby dude and put him back firmly in the friend category. I rang the doorbell and held my breath and when the door opened, I couldn’t believe what I saw…..He was not fat at all! Not even chubby! WTF? All my preparation was for a chubby dude, not the guy who looked exactly the same as he did in school! Honestly, I think I forgot to breathe for a moment as I processed all this and I’m not exactly sure but my mouth might have dropped open when I first saw him.

CC greeted me with a big hug and after my initial speechlessness at what he really looked like; I felt all the crush emotions come flooding back. It was a little overwhelming honestly. We chilled out at his place for a while and had a few drinks. It was a little surreal to be sitting there with him after all this time of “virtual connection.” We headed out to go to a concert at this street festival type thing. When we got there the place was packed. As we navigated through the crowd he grabbed hold of my hand so we wouldn’t get separated and I don’t think he ever let go until the end of the night. It was really sweet. We finally made it to the person I wanted to see and we had a great time just listening to the music and people watching. I guess now that I think about it he did let go of my hand a few times to put his arms around me.

After the show we headed back to his neighborhood for the rest of our date. He lives in one of those new types of communities that are like a shopping center that looks like a small town with condos above all the stores. CC took me to his favorite bar in his neighborhood and we hung out and laughed and laughed and laughed some more. At this point we hadn’t done anything more than hold hands or hug. At one point he leaned in to give me a kiss and I was delighting in the anticipation way too much to give it up so I let him get right to the point where we were almost touching and then I turned away. LOL I’m a tease I know. He thought that was pretty funny and then it turned into this game of him trying to kiss me and me deflecting him. Eventually I got a little randy and started kissing along the side of his jaw towards his ear. After a couple times of this he stood up, grabbed my hand, and said “We’re leaving now! I can't take this!” HA!

We strolled back to his place and this is where the night gets a little fuzzy sadly. I had had A LOT to drink. Partly from bravado of taking shit and saying how much I could drink and partly due to my nerves. I remember some hot making out with me sitting on his kitchen counter (and if you’re a faithful reader you know I have a thing for kitchen counters hahahaha) and some flashes of some very drunk but hot sex. I will say in light of some of Jules’s recent condom issues, he was very much a safety boy. I didn’t even have to say a word, when the time was right he just whipped it out and put it on. Good boy!

Waking up this morning, the room looked like a clothing bomb had gone off. Apparently when we got undressed we were throwing clothes left and right LOL. We woke up about 8 and then just dozed and cuddled for the next several hours. He’s a great cuddler! For someone that hated cuddling for so long, I’m really starting to love it. Oh, and we did engage in a little more hot morning nookie and it was good! I think we both would have been more than content to stay in bed all day together. It was just that fun and peaceful all at the same time.

Much to our dismay, we did have to get up around noon so I could head back to get the kids and he could go to work for a few hours. He fed me cherries and blackberries and yogurt for an impromptu breakfast and then carried my bag to the car for me (nice touch!). We kissed and hugged and said we needed to see each other again soon.

What can I say, it was a great date! Great to spend time with someone I had liked for so long, great to spend time with someone I have some sort of shared history with, and just great in general. We get along really well. CC’s just an easy person to be around; he just makes you feel comfortable immediately. We texted a bunch this afternoon/evening and he wants to come see me soon. I guess I need to figure out my plans for next weekend soon.

Now I’m feeling conflicted though. Because I really like CC and I really like Lawyer Boy. I also really like Texas despite the fact that we haven’t met in person (yet) and despite the fact he lives in Texas (but that does knock him down a few pegs in the rankings). And for some reason I still can’t get freaking FJB out of my mind. I’ve given up all hope that we’ll go out again (with his clear issues I’m not even sure that I’d want to continue things with him) but I can’t seem to let it go. All these guys (even FJB) are genuine good guys and I don’t want to hurt any of them in any way.

I don’t know where this post is going but to say I’m conflicted about where to go from here. I’m also exhausted and I should go to bed before I get any more confused. Thinking about all these boys makes my head hurt!



  1. Honey, just date them all...they don't live in the same cities...just make sure their paths never cross!! ;)

  2. I agree with Jules...date em all!! Then they will fizzle out to the top 3, then 2, then 1...if no one else joins the league,lol

  3. Hahaha, a happy ending to the whole CC debacle after all.

    Wow, both LB and CC sound like catches. You don't really have to cross the bridge of choosing between them unless you come to it though, right?