Friday, May 28, 2010

I Blame it All on the Sangria

Well last night proved to be most interesting.  My work was doing another one of those concerts.  Gwyn and I were bartending the VIP section and sweating it out.  It was HOT!  Randomly, I got a call from Lawyer Boy.  He had decided he and his little girl were going to come to the concert!  Yeah he's coming - wait a minute... he's bringing his kid???

Now during the 48-hour date, kids were one of the many things we discussed.  We both said introducing your kids to the person you were dating was a serious step, you couldn’t just introduce them to anyone.  And for me, I don’t intend for Leo and Ladybug to even get wind that I’m dating anyone until after the divorce is final.  So when he called me and said they were coming to the concert, I was a little hesitant but he said we’d just keep the kid on the down low so to speak.  I mean it’s a concert and I was bartending so it’s not like I’d have that much interaction. 

Almost immediately, after I hung up with LB, Sawyer calls.  He wanted to see me this morning before he and the wife go on a 7-day “break up” cruise as he’s calling it.  Of course, I caved and said sure.  Slut!  LOL

So LB and the kid show up and all is cool.  He did introduce the kid to me (she’s an adorable 7 year old girl btw who looks just like him) and I finally got to introduce Gwyn to LB.  They hung out in the VIP section for a while and then he asked if I could take a break and walk around for a bit with them.  Of course, like any bad girlfriend, I ditched Gwyn (with her permission of course) and we strolled around the event for a while.  We took the kid down to the bouncy house thing so she could play and we could have a little adult chat.  Without thinking, I even whipped the ponytail holder I had in my hair out and did a ponytail in his daughter’s hair.  I guess that mom side of me breaks loose every once in a while LOL.

After about 20 minutes or so, I realized how long I’d abandoned Gwyn for and we headed back to the VIP section.  As we walked towards the VIP entrance, who should appear… none other than Braceface from a few weeks ago!  Other than the near miss during the 48-hour date this is the first time I’ve had two boys intersect each other.  After a brief moment of panic, I just cruised right by Braceface and said hello without stopping.  I mean it wasn’t like I was holding LB’s hand or anything but still it was obvious we were together.  Another coworker came over and told me Braceface was sad I didn’t stop and talk to him LMFAO.

LB and the kid continued to hang out up there with us while we worked.  And crazily, Braceface came back around a time or two before he figured out I wasn’t playing with him last night and he disappeared.  As the event ended LB sprung on me the question of did I want to go grab some dinner afterwards.  Now at this point I’d had more than a few glasses of Sangria, Gwyn and I had been working that angle all night and I think we’d had about 9 glasses bought for us, so I said yes without thinking that I’d be sitting across the table from his kid.

So I dropped Gwyn off at her car and then me and my new little stepfamily headed off to grab a late dinner.  On the way there, I was suddenly realized the impact of what was happening.  Me, the anti-meet the kids person, was about to have a serious meet and greet with LB’s little girl!  It actually wasn’t bad I must admit.  She’s an awesome little kid, very funny, very sassy, likes to make fun of her dad.  But it was quite surreal to find myself having dinner with her and LB, to do the word search on her placemat with her, and to take her to the bathroom just like any good stepmom would do (all the while I was silently screaming in my head “I can’t believe I’m hanging out with someone’s kid” LOL).  Though strangely much like with Sawyer, there’s something really hot about watching LB be a dad.  He seems like a great dad quite honestly, one that in a few years she will think is really cool even if she thinks he’s a dork now LOL.

At the end of the night, we all walked outside and obviously, he couldn’t kiss me or anything with the kid present.  So he put her in the car and then told me how glad he was that he got to see me last night and that he was thinking next weekend (when we’re both kid free) we should spend the WHOLE weekend together again.  Yeah, another 48 hour date.  And it’s honestly not a bad thing.  FJB was the only one who could give LB a run for his money and he’s still MIA and about to be officially kicked off the team.  Still, it’s quite interesting how this relationship with LB has resurrected.  Definitely something to watch as the summer unfolds. 


PS – Incidentally during dinner, I had a momentary mental break as I realized I was eating dinner with LB and his kid, I was carrying around directions to College Crush’s place for Saturday, I had just agreed to meet Sawyer in the am, and Texas was sending me romantic text messages.  I had to stifle some hysterical laughter at that moment.

PPS – Had to add that this am with Sawyer, he busts out with the question of “What would you say if I asked you to be my girl?”  Yeah, he went there!  I said I would pass because 1 – hello he’s married, and 2 – he’d have to work hard to get me because there are too many other boys who want to be with me.  He said what if he was single, and I told him #2 still stood firm.  He told me I wasn’t being very nice.  I told him to go have a nice little vacation with the wife LOL. 


  1. I'm with you on the hot dad thing. It's a major turn on to find a guy that's good with kids!

  2. I HAVE been gone a long time, lol! Last I heard LB had disappeared off the face of the earth, and now... hahaha.

    Anyways, I knew I had a good reason to like him. Sounds like a very good (if not off-the-wall) night!

  3. Things happen quick around here Diner Nighthawk lol!