Monday, May 24, 2010

Are You Level 1 Worthy?

Per Miranda’s request, I’ve decided to do a quick post about my underwear planning system. What I should be doing is trying to pull myself out from under the 1,000lbs of weight that is my work this week, but then I can’t complain to my boss at our 11am meeting about how busy and overwhelmed I am.

In my world, there are three levels of underwear. Level 3 underwear are those that you wear on a day-to-day basis, mainly when it’s not likely someone else will see them. This level has many aliases including ‘period panties’ and ‘grandma drawers’. Level 2 underwear are the ones you wear when you are pretty sure someone is going to see them but you’re not sure whether or not you want them to end up on the floor. Cute and sexy enough to turn the guy on but not so sexy that they scream “Do me now!” Level 1 underwear, the kind Miranda recently stocked up on, are those panties that you wear when you know for sure you’re going to be getting it on. Either that, or you know for sure that you want to get it on. When he sees you in these panties all he wants to do is rip them off of you and take you right there.

If you’re an advanced student like Miranda, Jules and myself, you may even venture to Level 1-A – no panties. Last night was a Level 1-A night for me. We had to get in a quickie before Truck Driver left for the night, no sense wasting time with undergarments. And trust me, the guys love Level 1-A.
Here are some examples of the various levels of panties:

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1



  1. If that is level one, I don't think I will ever get there! I think level one for me is probably either my union jack g-string (British husband- makes him feel like he's establishing an empire maybe?) or the ones that say "tart". I don't think I will ever wear panties that glow, can be eaten, or do anything other than what panties are meant to do! LOL

  2. Note: Edible panties are not made for all day wear. If you plan on someone seeing them tonight, wait until tonight to put them on :-P

    I don't know, maybe I'm getting old or maybe I just spent way too much of the last ten years as a big old man-ho, but I've seen a lot of girls in their underwear (or lack thereof) in my day, and as of the last few years I've been really digging on the boyshort or bikini cuts - something comfy looking. That's not quite as atrocious as level 3 there, but I suppose it's close.