Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mid-Date Update

Just a quick mid-date update. Things are rocking! Lawyer Boy came over last night and we hung out for a while before we headed out for dinner. Then we hit up this totally random, sketchy looking bar and totally befriended the owner and staff. Somehow I bartered my help with marketing for the bar in exchange for free drinks LOL. LB also was throwing out the legal advice and the owner and staff were eating it up. It's like we became the VIPs of this sketchy, crusty, pseudo-biker bar. Hilarious!

We ended up staying there until about 3:30 hanging out with the owner and we had to promise to come back tonight. After I randomly made LB a grilled cheese (WTF) we had quite a lovely end to the evening though I think we were both about to crash so I'm expecting even better in the future. We talked so much about all kinds of stuff last night. I'm so glad the chemistry is still there!

I did send him off for a few hours to get his studying done because it was so obviously not going to happen with us here together. In a bit he's coming back for the continuation of our 48 hour date and hopefully we'll meet up with Gwyn tonight so I can get her opinion of LB in the flesh.

I had had way more than enough to lose my inhibitions and I own apologies to both Gwyn and Jules for a ridiculous series of drunk texts. I was so freaking jacked up last night. Sorry girls!


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  1. NP my friend, I love drunk texts...also wayyy safer to drunk text your friends than boyfriends! I'm also 6 hours behind you, so while it was 3am for you...it was only 9pm for me. ;)