Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hells Bells

Mr. Chile is pulling ahead at the moment. I'm trying really hard to get past the wierd sex stuff because today was the most awesome "date" ever. He took me stand up paddleboarding. I've been dying to do this the entire time we've lived here and today I got to do it for about an hour and a half. It was awesome!!
He was so patient with me geting started. I'd never stood in the water on anything other than a boat before, so standing on a board seemed nuts. It took me like 4 attempts to actually stand up and then another 5 minutes of so to "get my sea legs". Then, I paddled all around the beach, down under a bridge into a cool river, and back out to sea. I almost lost it a little on this part. When I went back out to sea, the water was choppy and the wind had picked up. It was beyond my level of experience (um, which is none) and I got a little nervous, so I sat down. I was way the hell out and he'd been lying down in the sand. Well he popped up, noticed I was wayyy out to sea, and started pacing the beach. I think I made the poor man almost have a heart attack. I was mostly fine...not overly afraid...until a sea turtle came along. Of course, I stopped focusing to watch him swim around me and the current took me a little bit. He's really on the beach pacing now. I was laughing, but too far out to tell him that I was really fine. He finally stopped some outrigger canoers (is that a word??) and asked them to either let him borrow their boat or to come out and check on me. They paddled out and I told them I was fine. It was my first time and he was just nervous that I was so far. I continued in and he apparently didn't trust that they had actually checked on me because he jumps in and swims out to me. I kept trying to tell him en route that I was cool, but he was on a mission. He realized once he got there that I was totally ok and we sat there watching another turtle play around for a while. I got back up and headed in, but he was making me laugh so I ended up falling in (this was the only time!). I made it back up, paddled back in, and he swam back to shore.
So here's my dilemma, I loved SUP (stand up paddleboarding) and the boards are about $1000. You can rent them, but that adds up. He brings good liquor to the house and I think he could be trained to be less weird in bed...I'm thinking he may get to hang around some -at least this summer while I can SUP North Shore.


  1. I saw the pics- that looked like so much fun! Why not save up a little each month and get yourself a set next year? You could ask your parents for money for birthdays, Christmas, etc. and just put it away.

  2. I totally had that same thought today...it's much better than the alternative! ;)