Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kitty Power

I realize I have been slacking lately on the blog and I apologize. Work has been crazy and last week was capped off with a hit and run accident that totaled my car – I was on my way to see Truck Driver when these guys ran a red light and hit me….then took off. Truck Driver was nice enough to come and sit with me while I waited on the police and even after the police got there (he had just gotten into town from being on the road, this was about 2:30am). Needless to say it sort of ruined the mood for the night but we still managed to have some fantastic sex which helped me forget about the accident at least for a little while. I have been wanting a new car so maybe this is a blessing in disguise – grandma also told me she’d give me a couple thousand dollars to help with a downpayment under the condition that I don’t drive the new car at 2am. If she only knew where I was going at 2am…..I lied and told her I was going to pick up my drunk roommate. If you read my other blog, you know grandma would probably disown me if I told her I was on my way to handle a big black microphone!

But anyways, my roommate and I were having boy talk yesterday and the main topic of conversation was how it is sooooooooo much easier to get what you want from a man before you give him the goods. This may also be referred to as the power of the p***y (I’m sorry I really hate the ‘p’ word I can’t even bring myself to type it). For example, I am driving The Inmate literally crazy because not only will I not see him when he wants me to I won’t let him have any physical contact with me, besides maybe a hug. But it’s like the more I resist the more he tries. I could literally tell this guy that I think his breath stinks and his dick is tiny and he would look me straight in the face and say “So, you wanna hang out tomorrow?” He even came and picked me up from a work event last week (the one where Miranda got drunk and made out with a brace face) and drove me to my car – my car, RIP, was less than a mile down the road. It’s so fun to mess with him but at the same time I realize I’m doing to him what I don’t like done to me. That could come back to bite me…..But really, I know if and when I decide to have sex with this guy (which is probably inevitable once he gets out of the halfway house) I’m going to lose all the power. I’ll be the one blowing up his phone all day long and trying to get his attention. I hate that.

It’s such a delicate balance. On one hand we want to give it up because we don’t want the guy to get it from another girl mainly – also because we like sex just as much as men do. But, on the other hand we want to wait so that the guy respects us and doesn’t view us as just another piece of ass – not to mention the impending loss of power. I guess my mom was right when she told me sex changes everything. Sometimes I fantasize about going back in time to when I was still a virgin. Life was a breeze, boys weren’t complicated and my self-esteem was fully intact. Guess I’d better start working on that time machine…..
I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling with the whole ‘when to give it up’ concept – I know Miranda has encountered this very issue with FJB. So what do you think, is there ever a perfect time to go all the way? Why is it that once you’ve given it up you lose the power?

I’ll end this post with a brief Man Team update:

The Barber – we hung out last Wednesday and had a blast, as usual; he was supposed to come over last night but got too busy (shocking I know); we are meeting up on Thursday or Friday because he’s giving me the money to pay my deductible for my accident - $250 to be exact; at the rate I’m going this car accident is going to MAKE me money

Truck Driver – I spent the night with him on Friday and Saturday nights; we’ve had a few issues involving his interest in texting/messaging 500 girls, but I’ve really decided not to concern myself with the other girls anymore because I’m the one he’s spending time with and if I’m not enough for him then it’s his loss; he comes back today from being on the road and told me, ‘When I come home I need you to come get in my bed’ LOL

Crossfit – we texted briefly on Thursday and again on Sunday, initiated by me of course; I basically told him I’m not doing anything else besides waiting for him to let me know when he is coming to my city to visit, so far he has not made good on his promise to do a better job; his sister’s wedding was this weekend so now there are no more excuses; he did say on Thursday that his week had been hectic and if he didn’t have to pack (this was about 9pm) he would drive to see me – I call bullshit on that; I’m starting to think this is why he is single, he has no idea how to effectively communicate

The Inmate – I have him on a string; he texts and calls me every day and is begging me to see him even if it’s just for a few minutes; I keep denying him and occasionally give him something to keep him interested (like a sexy pic); he wants to see me today after work for an hour but I haven’t decided if I’m going to or not, I might do it just so he can see me in the dress that I wore to work today :)


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  1. You know I totally get what you're saying about if what you are doing to these boys was being done to you, you wouldn't like it. I've been thinking about that a lot lately and almost catch myself feeling guilty every once in a while. But hell, women have been living with so many freaking double standards in regards to work, behavior, sex, money, dressing, dating, etc. that I'll be damned if I'm going to curtail my behavior until I find one guy who may be worth it all. FYI - Brace Face made me literally LOL in my office just now!